Why You Should Consider Having a Wedding in Utah

Utah is known for its fantastic and majestic horizons of gorgeous desert landscapes that will take the breath away.   Now imagine a gorgeous white dress in contrast to the vast emptiness and high red rocky pillars!  Taking your wedding photos in Utah will create some of the most stunning and outstanding photos that none of your friends and family will ever be able to compete with.  If you are still planning your wedding then these wide canyons and open desserts are an absolute must to consider.

Get gorgeous rings to match a gorgeous Utah wedding

Tacori wedding rings will definitely match your Utah themed wedding perfectly and will look fantastic on your newlywed hands.  There are some gorgeous delicate designs to choose from that is sure to make any woman weak in the ankles.  If matching rings are more your style then you are also sure to find the perfect match for you and your fiancé.  There are tons of different couples rings to choose from that is sure to bring you and your spouse closer together.  Tacori wedding rings will surely make your wedding a blessed one.

Why You Should Consider Having a Wedding in Utah

Great things to do on your Utah honeymoon

Utah has a lot of wondrous sights that is sure to take your breath away.  There are tons of gorgeous sites and attractions that would make astounding wedding photos or give you and your new spouse the insight you need to kick start a wonderful and adventurous wedding.  Most of these glorious locations would make some fantastic wedding photos if you could manage to fit the dress and a photographer along with your journey.

Bryce Canyon National Park – The Bryce Canyon National Park is located in southern Utah and holds some of the most beautiful views of crimson-collared hodoos, and rock formations.  There are some great sights to explore and sunset and sunrise points that you simply must see.

Temple Square – This Church is located in Salt Lake City.  The church has a palace like vibe that will make any bride feel like a true princess.

The Acres National Park – This national park is shaped by the Colorado River and contains tons of sandstone arches that you can have a look at or use as a photography location for your wedding party.  A wedding shoot in this area will look absolutely breathtaking and the bride is sure to stand out amongst the red sandy bits.

The Lagoon – If you are tired of only watching scenery then it is time to visit the Lagoon  This amusement park is located north of Salt Lake City and hosts an abundance of roller coasters, rides, carnival games, food outlets and everything else your honeymoon needs for you to have the ultimate adventure.

A wedding or honeymoon in Utah is sure to create some glorious memories that will fuel your marriage for a long time to come.  There is plenty to do and much to see in this dry little area of the world.  Those who want a taste of something different should definitely give a Utah wedding a try.

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