Why You Need Great Music on Your Moving Day Road Trip

Planning your move to Utah may be stressful, and that is never more apparent than on your actual moving day. Whether you are moving from across the country or down the block, having high-quality music for your trip can make the entire experience more pleasant. Music can provide numerous benefits to your psyche while also helping the miles fly by.

If you don’t think music should play a big role in your move to Utah, here are some points that should make you reconsider your decision.

Why You Need Great Music on Your Moving Day Road Trip

Boost Your Energy

Many people are aware of the association between music and a great workout. Not only can it provide a positive distraction, but it can also help you maintain your energy levels. High energy music can also give you a boost while you are driving to your new home. Pick some tunes that make you feel happy, energized, and upbeat, and use them to help you maintain a positive mindset throughout your moving experience.

In fact, you can use it while you are packing and unpacking too. Not only will it help time move more quickly, but it will also give you something to enjoy while you are working. While you might not be able to keep your kicker subs running the whole time, you can still have a great time.

Sing Stress Away

The act of singing helps shift our attention and can promote better breathing patterns. Both of these qualities can leave you more relaxed than when you started. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a good singer or not, as the stress reducing effects can be felt regardless of your prowess. If singing makes you uncomfortable, try humming along, and you may find yourself in a better mood once everything is said and done.

Live the Beat

The act of playing music is known to reduce stress, but grabbing a guitar while you are traveling down the highway might not be an option. However, there are many ways to “play” along with the beat even if you don’t have a traditional instrument available. Try drumming gently on the steering wheel, or even tapping your foot (not the one on the gas!) along with the beat. As long as you keep the movements controlled, you are unlikely to put yourself in any danger. Just make sure you have proper control of the vehicle at all times.

Focus on the Message

The human brain is prone to negative thoughts which can be even harder to ignore when you are under stress. To help keep those thoughts at bay, create a musical playlist that only includes songs with positive messages. By choosing pieces that support positive thinking, you can help combat any negative thoughts that may be floating around.

In a way, these songs can perform a function similar to that of a personal mantra, allowing you to focus your thoughts in more positive directions. If you don’t find that sufficient, you can look for audio recordings designed specifically to promote a more positive internal dialogue. Often, these works are related to the topic of positive affirmations. Some simply repeat key sayings against subtle background noise while others are more instructional. Either way, they can provide an ideal alternative if you want to face the problem in a more direct fashion.