What to Do With Your Stuff While You Travel

Commercials always make traveling seem like a stress free adventure where you can reconnect with yourself and have heaps of fun.  The reality is however quite different because you are constantly worried about your budget, getting robbed on the journey and staying safe.  But the biggest worry of all during your travels is what to do with the stuff you leaves behind.  This is especially a big deal for those that go on prolonged travels.  Here are just a few tips for all the stuff left behind so you can travel with peace of mind.

Donate some of it

Storage solutions can be expensive and there is always some stuff that isn’t really necessary or practical but you cling to it just because you might need it one day.  Go through all of your stuff and decide what you don’t really need and sell these items or donate it to charity.  It might be a good idea to filter all your stuff a few times until you end up with basic necessities that you just cannot off with.

What to Do With Your Stuff While You Travel

Consider renting out fully furnished

If you are a home owner or can strike up a deal with your landlord then this can be a terrific solution.  Don’t move any of your stuff away or get rid of any of the stuff you really want to keep.  Instead just rent out your apartment or home fully furnished for the duration of your travels.  Sure there is a risk that the new occupants might damage your goods but it is one of the most affordable options to consider for prolonged traveling.

Find a storage provider near you

Storagenear.me is a terrific website that you can check out to find a storage provider close to you. You can look for storage providers that offer long term container storage or even short term container storage.  These storage solutions are usually great because the containers are usually heavily guarded which reduces the chances of your stuff getting stolen while you are away.  The containers also seals shut pretty tightly which means no rodents can get into your stuff and dust and damage will greatly be reduced.  A storage provider is one of the best ideas if you don’t want to run the risk of other people damaging your stuff.

Ask a family member

If you know a family member with some extra space you can always rent that space or just ask for that space.  An empty garage or bedroom is a perfect place to stash all of your stuff and family is often much more affordable than other storage options.

Rent your furniture

You can also consider renting or lending your furniture to others like students or family members.  Your stuff won’t be in their way because they can use your furniture while you travel and you still have some stuff when you finally do get back from your journeys which will help you save a lot of money on setting up and furnishing your home all over again.