Ways to Say Goodbye to the Jerks in Your Life When You Move To Utah

There are a lot of grumpy and mean people out there.  Some are jerks because they are jealous.  Others are jerks because you have a history with them and some are jerks just because they can be.  While some of these jerks will be jerks on only occasion, others will go out of their way to make a fool of you and to put you in a bad position.  They will openly mock you and treat you as bad as they possibly can.  Saying goodbye to the jerks in your life is one of the biggest plus sides of moving to Utah.  When you make your move you are starting a new life without these jerks in it and you are finally living that dream life you have always wanted to live.

Spite them by enjoying your life

One of the biggest ways to spite the jerks in your life is to just have fun.  Just enjoy your life.  They will be super jealous of your achievements and even more jealous because they can see that their jerkish ways are not affecting you or robbing you of a good and happy life.  Just forget about these jerks and move on by working on your new life in Utah.

Ways to Say Goodbye to the Jerks in Your Life When You Move To Utah

Send them a confetti mail bomb

Not everyone is a saint and sometimes it is hard to just forgive and forget.  A quick way to get back at the jerks in your life without risking your freedom or getting yourself in some trouble is to send a confetti bomb.  These confetti bombs are loaded with super fine glitter that will explode in their faces and all over their homes when they open the package.  The package also includes a message that you can personalize in any way you like.  Confetti bombs are great to spite people because the glitter will get stuck everywhere and is incredibly hard to clean.  You can also send the message completely anonymous.  Visit the prank mail website to find out more about these fantastic bombs.

Bake them some horrid cookies

If you want to leave them with a terrible after taste in their mouths then bake some terrible tasting cookies.  You can deliver the cookies as ‘peace offer’ and include a hidden message at the bottom of the cookie tray.  Some fortune cookies with bad predictions are also a great idea.

Write a lawn message

Lawn messages are something they cannot conceal from their friends and family.  Get some weed killer and kill a message on their lawns.  The lawn will eventually grow out but your message will be there for a long time.

Brag with your new life on social media

In the end, you will only be spiting yourself if you don’t make a big success out of your new life in Utah so don’t put too much effort into spiting the jerks you leave behind.  You never know when you might have to come back to them.  Instead focus on building your new life and brag about all the fun you are having on social media to make them jealous.