Utah’s Position on Water

When planning to move to another state it is a good idea to learn everything you can about the state you are considering. You will want to know the cost of living, the tax laws, real estate availability, and maybe even the gas prices. However, most people forget that considering an area’s water supply is probably more important than its transit system. So, before you move, please look into Utah’s position on water.

Sure, you could move to Utah and decide that you will just buy a water filter system. However, what if there are deeper issues than just removing the sediment or iron? That is why you should first do a little research on Utah’s current water situation. Water, after all, is essential for life and poor water quality will contribute to significant health challenges for you and your family.

Utah’s Position on Water

The Governor’s Position on Utah’s Water

The Governor’s principles stem from the concept that Utah’s ancestors made the desert bloom and in so doing, they comprehended the value of clean and abundant water for maintaining that growth. Water is Utah’s life and click here to see how these system would work well for Utah. He sees that poor water will discourage tourism, decrease health quality, and provide a negative perception to potential residents and businesses. From that position, he notes that ensuring quantity and quality is critical to the state.

Given his beliefs, Utah’s Governor took the following actions:

  • Issued an executive order– All state agencies were instructed to abide by that executive order which instituted water conservation practices. This was spurred on by an abnormally dry winter and the concern for drought potential.
  • United with legislators– With the help of stakeholders, the legislators and Governor were able to plan for significant water changes by 2025. They intend to see a 25% reduction in water usage. And, they are maintaining the quality and quantity of current sources while working to discover new options.
  • Developing a plan– The plan is designed to expand over the course of 50 years. It will advance conservation practices. And, it will utilize the expertise of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget. They will create strategies to secure funding for long-term water financing. Learn more.
  • WRI– The Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative (WRI) has been a serious focus. He has invested more than $15 million in the initiative since 2005. And, he has been able to round up over $100 million in contributions by partners who share the vision for sustaining Utah’s water sources. Read more.
  • WRI progress– Thanks to the money that the Governor has been able to allocate to the Watershed mission, the health of over one million acres has been restored. This includes almost 450,000 acres of land that was previously devastated by wildfires. Additionally, another 550,000 acres has been revitalized for the purpose of eliminating invasive species, increasing water yields, and improving foraging grounds for native species.
  • Developing policies– The concept is that his policies will ensure that limited water resources are properly utilized, that water quality in lakes, rivers, and streams are carefully monitored and sustained, and critical watershed supplying areas are protected. Most importantly he wants to guarantee that Utah is fiscally prudent and focused on water sustainability.

Given the Governor’s position on Utah’s water resources it makes sense to include this state on your possible relocation agenda. It is obvious that they are well aware of water’s import and are doing what they can to maintain its quantity and quality in their state. Here are some more reasons to move to Utah.