Turn Your Move into a Road Trip Adventure

While you are planning your move to Utah, don’t let the opportunity for adventure pass you buy.  Yes, the ultimate goal is to complete a move in a timely fashion, that doesn’t mean that the journey can’t also be enjoyable and chocked full of good memories.  If you want to take your move into epic road trip territory, consider adding the following elements to get the mood right.

Turn Your Move into a Road Trip Adventure

Pick the Right Tunes

Every road trip needs a good soundtrack.  While what constitutes good music is a personal choice, there is no doubt that having some great options can help.  Consider pulling together a playlist full of songs that you love to drive to, or go with a theme and pick songs that talk about being on the open road.  It isn’t uncommon for some stretches of highway to be a bit lacking in the radio station department, so make sure and plan accordingly.

You will also want to make sure your car stereo system is up to the job.  Consider improving on your current audio by adding the best car subwoofer, amplifier, speakers you can without breaking the bank.

Plan Your Pit Stops

While you may not need to pick the exact place in which to get gas, it can help the trip feel more like an adventure by choosing some points of interest to stop at along the way.  Whether you want to stop at a national park or recognized landmark, or want to find every tourist trap you can along the way, it will help you break up your trip into segments.  It also gives you a reason to stop, get out of the car, and stretch your legs.

Restaurants are also an essentially part of the experience.  While you don’t need to dine out every meal, picking some fun places with local flavor can turn the trip into a culinary journey.  Consider for what each state or city is best known, and try to find a great example of it to try.  If that leaves you coming up empty, consider taking inspiration from great travel television shows that focus on food, such as Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or Man v Food.

Don’t Rush

Even if your main goal is to complete your move, it is important not to rush during the trip.  Not only can feeling rushed make the trip more stressful, you may also miss out on a variety of opportunities that require a level of spontaneity.  Give yourself time to stop at any place you find interesting, or to take a different path instead of always staying on the interstate or highway.

Worst case, you won’t find anything you want to stop and see, and you will make it to your destination ahead of schedule.  You may also be able to manage unexpected delays, such as road work or traffic jams, without the added stress of feeling behind schedule.

Keep It Social

If you are traveling with others, take the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company instead of focusing on your mobile devices or other forms of on the road entertainment.  While it is perfectly fine to work in some quiet time here and there, it is also an excellent opportunity to share an experience that you may never repeat, so consider making the most of the time you get to spend together.