Top 8 Breathtaking Road Cycling Routes in Utah

Biking is always a great workout and a wonderful sport to enjoy whether you are road cycling or mountain biking.  This fantastic cardio workout is quite a challenge and gives you the opportunity to enjoy gorgeous scenery.  Biking is one of the best ways to explore Utah’s gorgeous rock valleys and magnificent sunsets.  Utah is mostly known for its breathtaking mountain bike trails.  The Slickrock Bike Trail, The Whole Enchilada, Porcupine Rim, Gooseberry Mesa and Captain Ahab are just a few of the most popular and best mountain bike trails.  Road cyclists however can also enjoy Utah to the fullest by giving the following 8 best road cycling routes a try.

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Top 8 Breathtaking Road Cycling Routes in Utah

8 Road cycling routes to try

Once you have purchased your brand new road bike it is time for a bit of exploring.  Here is the top 8 road cycling trips you should consider to test that new bike of yours; 

Boulder to Escalante – Travel between the towns of Boulder and Escalante on a 30 mile route that will take you by the 126ft waterfall and where you can enjoy fantastic organic meals, wonderful coffee shops and neat camp grounds. 

Parowan Gap Loop – This 50 mile route circles from Cedar City over The Parowan Gap which is a natural mountain pass used by Fremont and Anasazi Indians. 

Mammoth Creek Loop – This road route is fantastic for those that want to get a good cardio workout because this 35 mile route passes through the Cedar Breaks National Monument that is 2000 feet deep.  You will enjoy lots of heavy sweating on this breathtaking route. 

Capitol Reef Scenic Drive – There is a low entry fee if you want to travel this route but it is worth every penny.  The drive extends into a park that includes lots of gorgeous scenery like the Moenkopi rock formations and much more. 

Circumnavigating Utah Lake – Take a 90 mile route around the largest naturally occurring freshwater lake in the Western US when you ride around the Utah Lake. 

Tintic Mountains Classic – Experienced riders will love this scenic ride that takes you by the Tintic Mountains.  This is one of the longest single-day routes in Utah so be sure to be at your fittest before you attempt this 110 mile long route. 

Liberty Loop – The Liberty Loup is one of the most scenic routes you can take in Ogden Valley.  The route might be short but is definitely quite a challenge. 

Salt Lake City to Emigration Canyon – This is one of the busiest road routes thanks to so many locals that use this route and is a great ride because you get to enjoy marvelous views of the Emigration Canyon.