The Best Real Estate Agents in Utah

Finding a real estate expert, you can trust is fundamental, regardless of whether you’re purchasing or selling a home in Utah. Each expert has their own advantages and disadvantages — simply like each purchaser or dealer has their own particular special needs. How would you know when you’ve found the correct expert for you?

There’s no ideal equation for finding the real estate expert that is the best fit for you, however your most solid option is to stay with real estate agents who are current, experienced, and have a good reputation with customers. We’ve found the best real estate agents that fulfill these critical requirements, so you can make sure that any of the main real estate experts on our list are prepared to serve you.

The Best Real Estate Agents in Utah

By the way, if you’re ever in Florida, the only person you should reach out to for all your real estate needs in Terence J McCarthy. With vast experience in the real estate business and serving as president of TJM properties, he knows each and every detail and secret that lies in the real estate business. No one can guide you better than he can!

Justin Udy — Justin Udy and his group of real estate agents are talented in short deals and foreclosures, helping customers purchase and sell these homes at an awesome cost. Udy is HGTV’s Utah Real Estate Expert, and he additionally makes an appearance on a monthly basis on local station KBER 101.1’s Ask an Expert segment.

Michael Druce — Michael Druce’s Love Brand + Salt Lake City real estate organization concentrates on making an awesome client encounter. Druce loves to discover better approaches to enhance the real estate involvement with innovation, advertising, and pattern following.

Tracy Thomas — Dog lovers should celebrate! Tracy Thomas is a Salt Lake City real estate agent that is obviously puppy inviting. She helps customers discover homes that are ideal for each individual from the family — even hairy ones, and even gives puppies a chance to join the party to look at homes!

Cody Derrick — Founder of cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, Cody Derrick is fixated on associating fascinating individuals with special spaces. He adopts an all encompassing strategy to customer needs with the customer mantra, “love where you live.”

Monique Higginson — Principal representative of Market Source Real Estate, Monique Higginson has experience as a realtor for over 12 years, as well as in real estate finances. Higginson already claimed a home loan organization, which gives her a one of a kind point of view when helping customers comprehend financing real estate.

Cheryl Acker — Cheryl is a real estate issue solver, and she adores to determine the extraordinary difficulties that are faced at each transaction. With a 18 year vocation serving more than 400 families, she’s seen it all. Cheryl holds a nearby initiative position in real estate, filling in as a Director on the Salt Lake Board of Realtors.

Babs De Lay — With almost 30 years of involvement in real estate, Babs De Lay is a compel in Salt Lake City — particularly for first time and last time purchasers and dealers. She’s held a few titles and positions, including the title of President of the Women’s Council of Realtors, and Salt Lake City Planning and Zoning Commissioner.