Spring cleaning tools you need when moving into a new house

Spring cleaning is an absolutely necessary task when moving into your new home. In order to do the job properly it is important to have a few vital tools on hand.  With the right toxin-free cleaning products and mindset you will be comfortable in your new clean house in no time. Shopping for cleaning products can be fun and you should make sure you set up a detailed budget before doing so. Remember that these tools can be kept for a long time and don’t have to be replaced until the next time you decide to take on another spring cleaning mission. The best time to start cleaning your new home is before you move in so that you can make sure you can reach every part of the home. You also want to take precautions and get rid of any bugs that might be around.

Spring cleaning tools you need when moving into a new house

A dustpan and broom is absolutely necessary so that you can sweep easily. Find a set that you can hang in your kitchen to make sure it is easily accessible. It is best to invest in a natural brush or broom because it is make to last.

Flour sack towels are great to have around the house for just about any cleaning job. They aren’t as expensive and they last quite a long time. Make sure you keep the old ones for tough cleaning jobs and use the new ones for dishes and kitchen cleaning.

A very important cleaning tool is a glass spray bottle which you can use for any chemicals or perhaps a vinegar and baking soda mixture that is really great to remove tough dirt and grime. This mixture is great to clean walls, bathrooms and even an oven. Click here to learn how to make a paste that will remove even the toughest stains.

A good vacuum cleaner is absolutely necessary if you have wall to wall carpets in your new home. You need to invest in the best so that you can be guaranteed you will have a few years of wear and tear ahead.  Take a look at these best vacuum cleaner reviews to help you make a decision on which one you would find more suitable. There are various factors to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner that can include whether you should take an upright or lower vacuum cleaner. By reading reviews you are will find the best fit for you.

Twine and scissors is also important to have around the house to cut and tie up recycling material. For storage you should always have organization baskets and laundry bags. This is a great way to store everything in its place and to keep dirty laundry apart from clean laundry.  Click here to learn more about recycling material. You might also want to invest in a good bucket for soaking clothes or mopping floors. Plastic isn’t always the best option for a bucket and you would do great with a galvanized bucket that is meant to last a long time.