Should You Buy a New Car When Moving to a New City?

Moving to a new city can be quite a tricky affair. First there is the fact that you would have to find somewhere to live, and this would be determined by what you would be doing in the city, your budget, the distance from your workplace, the distance from your children’s schools, the distance from public amenities, and a host of other things. In this article, we are going to look at the question as to whether you should sell your old car and buy a new car when moving to a new city. There are factors that you have to consider before selling and buying a new car, and below, we are going to look at some of them.

buy new car

Research the Market and Determine a Fair Selling Price

Sedans tend to be the fastest selling vehicles in the used car market. If you own a convertible, you would want to do so in the spring or summer. You’ll need to evaluate the cost of your vehicle, although be warned if it is a custom car, because those are costly and you might not find a buyer willing to pay top dollar for a second hand one.

Prep the Car for Sale

You’ll need to make sure that the vehicle is in good condition, both internally and externally. Fix any dents or scratches that it might have, clean it, and make sure that the engine is in excellent working order. Without doing this, you’re not going to attract buyers, and at the price point that you want.

Get it Out There

It is now time for you to market your car. This can be done by uploading photos to social media sites, Craigslist and other sites that sell cars. You could also park it strategically to attract buyers, with the ‘For Sale’ sign displayed.

You Want to Move Your Car

Prepare the Car for The Move

You’ll need to check things like fuel emission levels and state laws, amongst other things, if you intend to move with your vehicle. It must pass any tests, if there are any. Check in advance to find out the vehicle requirements, before making the move.

Check Viable Moving Options

You need to find a reputable company to help you move your vehicle and other belongings. They have to be professionals that handle the shipping of vehicles.

Car Vision

If you decide that you’re going to buy a car, look for a reputable company that sells cars. One such company is Car Vision, located in Norristown, PA. they have a wide variety of vehicles for you to choose from. You can browse through their website and request a quotation for the vehicle that catches your eye. Their vehicles range from high end guzzlers to the lower end vehicles. They have all of the popular brands, and you get to choose the number of mileage that the vehicle has done before purchasing it. There are also different price points that you can use to choose your car.


While there are people that would rather move with their vehicles, I find it much easier to sell the vehicle and buy a similar one, or an even better one in the new city. All the same, at the end of the day, it’s your call. Check out Car Vision if you’re in the Norristown area.