2 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Cat For Your Long Awaited Car Trip To Utah

So you want to go to Utah but also want to bring your cat along with you. How is your cat going to react on a trip that’s going to take longer than the regular trip to the vet? To think of it, your cat is a handful even then taking him or her in a cat carrier which they do everything but move heaven and earth to keep from getting into. You’ve been wanting to go to Utah for a long time to see its natural beauty and do some hiking and even skiing. Where else can you have desert in on area, then ski atop a mountain in another area. There aren’t many states that offer that and you can’t leave your cat at home, so what to do to take kitty on this trip with you.

Make the crate as comfy as home

It’s going to be awhile that it has to stay in the carrier as you never want to let your cat roam free in the car as it could cause possible driving hazards. So a good thing to do is to fix up the kitty crate as you would as if they were at home. Doing things like adding their favorite blanket gets their scent in the car which gives kitty the feel of being somewhere familiar. Also put in their favorite toy and a little catnip toy it can chew and drool on when it comes to the realization that he or she is going to be back in there for a while. Keep some treats upfront so you can pop them a goodie inside the crate every now and then to make them feel that they are being good on this trip and even though it’s going to be awhile, their keeper is right there talking and playing music and giving treats, just like at home.

traveling with your cat

Take some time and let the cat explore the car

They might be timid at first and by all means don’t drive with the cat out of the carrier, but take some time and let the cat explore the car. You’ll notice it rubbing on the chairs and seats, and what it’s doing is getting its scent there which you want them to do. This makes it feel like it’s their territory and it’s a safe place for them. Sit in the driver’s seat and talk to the kitty while it checks the car out for a while. When it seems to of gotten comfortable bring the cat back inside the house and do it again sometime before your trip. Don’t forget to have the cat carrier in the car with the gate open while it explores because that is where it’s going to spend all of its time and you want them to wander in on their own and search around too.

Doing these 2 simple things will help make your long awaited trip to Utah a little easier of a ride for both you and your cat. You can also find 8 additional tips on About.com. You’ve waited to see the magnificence of the state of Utah and your best friend will be the best company for your ride. With these steps it will be more pleasant for both you!

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