5 Best Mountain and Road Bike Routes in Utah

Utah is world famous for its mountain and cycling trails, and for good reason. It is full of trails that offer rich natural scenery from pine-tree forest to beautiful meadows and lakes. Not to mention the amazing summits that let you view the vastness of Utah’s amazing red rock formations. Most of Utah’s best trails are within 35 minutes of Salt Lake City International Airport or just an hour from the center of Salt Lake City.

Whether you ride a mountain bike or prefer skinny tires, here are 5 not to be missed Utah trails. Antelope Island Trail Antelope Island offers trails for mountain bikes and road bikes, alike. While many other bike routes take you deep into the Utah canyons and mountains. Antelope Island is surrounded by the beautiful Great Salt Lake. Enjoy the sounds of lapping water as you bike past grazing Bison. The island has almost 20 miles of trails, ranging from family friendly novice trails to trails that will challenge even the most advanced biker. Mountain Bikers will enjoy the Split Rock Bay loop in Antelope Island’s backcountry.http://www.singletracks.com/mountain-bike/best_trails.php?new_state_id=425

The 5-mile trail weaves in and out of massive boulders before descending into hand-made trails that switchback to the lake’s shore. Road cyclist will enjoy peddling the 7-mile causeway that links the island to the mainland. Extend your cycling trip by curving around the northern tip of the island, all the while enjoying views of white sandy beaches. Antelope Island is an excellent, scenic trail for those new to road biking or interested in taking up road biking. For more information on switching to a road bike, take a look at this post, from a mountain biker who took up cycling.

Arches Ride The 41 miles of paved road around Arches National Park is a cyclist dream. With almost no traffic, the trail takes you past colorful sandstone arches and offers breathtaking views of the amazing La Sal Mountains. Leave your bike at the head of short walking trails if you want to get an up close look at some of the famous arches. Muller Park Trail Northern Utah is known as a mecca for mountain bikers. Mueller Park offers a 7 or 13 mile out and back low-altitude alpine ride, or bikers can do the 13 mile loop out to North Canyon. The trail is easy enough, even for novices, until the halfway point at Big Rock. From there, it becomes a definite intermediate level ride as the trail becomes steep and riders have to navigate rocks and tree roots.

For beginners, riding to and back from Big Rock offers a 7-mile ride while intermediate riders can continue on to Rudy’s Flat or take the North Canyon Loop. Slickrock Trail Located in southeaster Utah is the world’s most famous mountain bike trail- Slickrock trail. The loop is just under 11 miles and gives the mountain bikers breathtaking views of the Colorado River. The trail curves over Navajo sandstone and the track alternates between rough and smooth. Slickrock trail is the trail all mountain bikers dream about but the loop is for advanced riders and has a high technical rating.visit this website for more details.

Best Places to Mountain Bike in Utah

However it is not unusual for novice riders to hike their bikes over the rough spots. La Sal Mountain Loop Road If you can only do one cycling trip, make it La Sal. The loop is 62 miles of paved roads that will take you through redrock canyons and along amazing alpine vistas. The ride takes you past a beautiful lake and after climbing 8,000 feet into the La Sals, you will descend to a highway road that follows the Colorado River.