Designing Your Own EBook Cover

There is a chance that you would like to design your very own ebook cover but you are not sure what you are going to do. You might want to remember that you have to know what design you are going to do. The moment that you know what design you would like to place, the first thing that you have to remember is to use the use application where you are going to place as your design cover.

People usually have different choices when it comes to applications that they want to use. For instance, some people like using Photoshop because they feel that editing pictures there can be easy. There are also some who use online editors because they are most comfortable with that. You might find this surprising but there are a lot of people who only use PowerPoint because they feel that it is the easiest application to use. You can always choose a free online ecover maker. They usually come with easy instructions that will let you know what to do.

Designing Your Own EBook Cover

The application that you plan on using will highly depend on you but in case you are not sure about what you would like to get, what you can do is hire someone who can do the designing for you. You have to make sure that you will be clear about the type of cover that you want.

In order to choose your own design, here are some things to remember:

  1. Use an Image Related to Your Content

If you are going to place stars as the cover of your book but the book that you have written is about budgeting, how will people know that the book is actually related with each other? You have to pay special attention to this so you can make the right choice.

  1. Make the Name of Your Book Clear

The title of the book is one of the things that people will see when they look at your e-book cover. No matter how great the cover that you have chosen is, it will not be that good if the name of the book will not be that clear. They might also have a hard time recommending it to friends because they do not remember the title of your e-book.

  1. If Possible, Use Your Own Image

There is nothing like using your own image so that you can be sure that no other e-book will have the same design. If in case you have liked someone else’s image, you can ask from the person if you can get the rights for the image or if the image can be given to you if you are lucky. It will depend on what you are going to do to acquire the type of image that you want.

You have to remember that your e-book can be successful if you would choose the right cover. You have to pay attention to making your cover or asking someone to make your cover for you. You can learn how to publish your own e-book from here.

Why Getting Enough Quality Sleep Is Important?

Everybody knows that sleep plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing; however many people try to sleep as little as possible because they think that there are so many other interesting things to do other than sleeping – particularly today, that we’re in the age where electronics and gadgets are becoming more and more prevalent. But studies show that getting too little sleep can affect not just your mood and health, but your overall life quality.

Why Getting Enough Quality Sleep Is Important

So if you’re getting less than the recommended amount of sleep (which is seven to eight hours a night), here are 5 good reasons why you should now turn off your gadget and go to your bed early tonight and the following nights.

  1. Quality sleep improves your health. Although getting the right amount of sleep every night will not give you immunity against diseases, it will help you reduce your risk of getting them in the future. During sleep, your body is working to rebuild muscles, repair tissues, and heal your heart and body systems to function better. If you don’t get enough amount of sleep, your body will not be able to heal itself properly; therefore, you become more vulnerable to risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses.
  1. Quality sleep helps you concentrate and learn better. Getting the right amount of sleep at night also helps you function better throughout the day. Sleep puts your brain in a relax state and helps your brain release certain hormones that are essential to promote alertness in the next day. People who are sleep-deprived are found to be less productive in school and at work. They are also found to be worse in solving math problems and work-related issues. This is because lack of sleep affects your attention, cognition, concentration, and decision-making.
  1. Quality sleep boosts your mood. Getting adequate amount of sleep won’t guarantee you optimism and cheerfulness at all times; but you have probably noticed that when you’re tired, you’re more likely to act without thinking. You also get easily mad or feel depressed. Sleep deficiency affects your ability to think clearly, interact socially, and react to certain things. So if you want to have the ability to better manage things around you, make sure to get enough amount of sleep every night.
  1. Quality sleep helps you maintain your weight. Studies show that people who are sleep-deprived are more likely to become obese. There are several factors how sleep deprivation can affect weight. One reason is because when you’re exhausted, you don’t have the energy to exercise or cook for a healthy meal. When you’re also not in the mood, you avoid going to gym or tend to eat more calories. Sleep deficiency also disrupts the production of appetite hormones in the body. When you don’t get adequate amount of sleep, ghrelin levels rise, making you hungry; and leptin levels drop, increasing your high-calorie cravings.
  1. Quality sleep reduces your risk of injury. Many people aren’t aware about this, but quality sleep can actually make you safer. According to the data given by the National Sleep Foundation, one out of six deadly traffic accidents in the U.S. results from drowsy driving. Of course, any kind of accidents is likely to happen when you don’t get enough sleep. When you’re sleepy and tired, you’re more like to fall off the stairs or get injured while at work.

Sleep is indeed crucial to our health and wellbeing; so it’s very important to ensure that you get enough quality sleep every day. Of course to help yourself get better sleep at night, it’s important that you make your bedroom more sleep friendly. Try to keep your room slightly cool as possible with adequate ventilation. Also maintain a quiet sleeping environment. If there are noise that you can’t avoid, such as dog barks and noisy neighbors, try using bedroom fans or white noise machines to mask the noise, or installing soundproof windows to reduce noise levels. And of course, to get the optimum quality sleep, invest in a high quality bedding or comforter. Visit for comforter buying tips and guides.

Managing Your Money in Your 20s

They say that being in your 20s may be the best time of your life because you are already starting to earn your own money and at the same time, you are still strong enough to see the world. A lot of people who are in their 20s still do not have as much responsibilities as compared to those who are already in their 30s.

Managing Your Money in Your 20s

While you may be feeling happy because you are starting to earn, this is also the time when your salary may not be that high as compared to the salary that you might get when you are already older and you are already more established in doing your job. You have to remember that managing your money may be hard but the use of self managed superannuation fund can be helpful as well. Aside from that, here are other things that you may want to do:

  1. Live at Home

You might think that since you are already in your 20s, you have to be independent and you have to live in a separate place but living alone can be dangerous at some places. At the same time, when you live at home, you do not have to pay much for anything. You might think that it is a bad thing that you are still somewhat reliant on your parents but this will help you save up much faster than your other peers.

  1. Do Not Get Everything You Can Get Your Hands On

You may be tempted to get everything that you have always wanted like a new car, a new wardrobe and so much more but do remember that it does not mean that just because you have money, this already means that you can already purchase everything.

  1. Try to Use Cash When Purchasing

If there are some things that you know you just have to purchase, you can limit the amount of money that you will spend on the items by purchasing with the use of cash. Not only will you be spending just enough, you will have a better credit score as well.

  1. Try Not to Acquire Debt

You have to remember that in your 20s, acquiring debt may be easy because you always have that notion that you will be able to pay off all of your debts someday but do remember that the best thing to do is not acquire any debt at all.

  1. Do Not Make Your Salary a Big Deal

While it is normal that you will get your salary at a certain time each month, it is not normal that you will spend all of the money that you have spent on everything that you may possibly want. Just spend enough and make sure that you will save some. You might need the emergency funds someday or you can use the money to acquire something better.

You have to remember that it may be hard to save when you are in your 20s but forming good habits this early will help you out in the long run. You can now get to know more details here.

What Your Bookkeeper Should Be

There is a possibility that you have a business that you would like to flourish at the soonest possible time. Maybe it has already flourished and you would like to keep its popularity and make sure that it is managed at the same time. Your ability to make a business effective can be because of your many skills but you may not be too keen on bookkeeping because you know you are bad at it. Why do you need to stress yourself with something that you can hire someone else to do? Not only will you get to focus on other facets of your business, you can also be sure that the bookkeeper you will hire has the experience to work on all the right details.

What Your Bookkeeper Should Be

You can get to know more on bookkeeping here. Do you want to know what things your bookkeeper should know and have? Here are some of the things that you ought to remember:

  1. Your Bookkeeper Should Understand Your Business

There is a possibility that your bookkeeper may be good at organizing your documents but does your bookkeeper understand the things that he should document? He should be able to look at the big picture and know exactly what each product is for and how it should be recorded. This is the same with the documents that you have. He has to have extensive knowledge about bookkeeping and your business.

  1. Your Bookkeeper Should Know the Terms of Bookkeeping

How can a bookkeeper be effective at bookkeeping when there are terms that he just does not understand? It can be risky to hire someone who is only starting to learn because the slightest mistake can mess up all the documents. There are basic terms that will be used often.

  1. Your Bookkeeper Should be Willing to Learn

You have to remember that all bookkeepers will start from somewhere. Even if they have already worked in another company in the past, they have to familiarize themselves with your business and the items and services that you have. Your bookkeeper should be willing to ask a lot of questions and will actually work on the details that you will give.

  1. Your Bookkeeper Should Know When to Give A Report

You would need a monthly report regarding your business and your bookkeeper should be able to provide it for you. It will depend on you when you would like the report to be ready but your bookkeeper should be prompt in giving the report when you want it. If your bookkeeper cannot provide it, you may have to look for someone else.

  1. Your Bookkeeper Should Have Good Communication Skills

It will be hard to understand your bookkeeper if your bookkeeper does not know how to communicate with you properly. Your bookkeeper should also be able to communicate with other people effectively in order to clarify some details regarding the report that he should prepare.

There may still be other qualities in bookkeepers that you are searching for. This is perfectly natural because you would like to find the right bookkeeper to hire. Your bookkeeper should be all the things mentioned above and should have the right qualities and qualifications perfect for the job.

How one can eat for both fun and prizes in Utah, and enjoy a good meal while you’re at it

While your wife goes through her skin care routine she started once she started noticing dark spots on her skin, you prepare for the evening’s main event. Going out to a local restaurant and taking on an eating challenge. She read about skin care at this site and has been wrapped up in it, well, you saw on television that Utah is a hotbed of great food based challenges one can attempt. They give prizes that range from T-shirts, being immortalized with your picture on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame, to the one that got my attention the most… cold, hard cash. Who knew one of your favorite activities, eating, could gain you fame AND fortune. Just like who knew her research online would pay off and the dark spots up and disappeared. She took on a challenge for herself, and now it was time for you to challenge Utah to produce an eating challenge that could only try to take you down but not succeed.

If you’re looking to indulge in some good eating and win a T-shirt, a space on a Wall of Fame and possibly even a handful of cash; here are some of the best, top of the line challenges that can be found throughout Utah.

v  Kobe Sushi’s Hellfire Sushi Challenge – Holladay, Utah


  • Price $19.95
    • Challenge: Eat one Level Heat Base 4, Level Heat Base 5, and then a Level Heat Base 6 on the hot scale spicy tuna roll then:
    • Eat 6 of the beyond hellfire Level Heat Base 7 of their hottest spicy tuna rolls which you already are paying for
      • PRIZE! If you can finish this challenge you’ll be in possession of a claim to your fame T-shirt, immortalization on their Wall of Fame, and even some refreshing ice cream (you’ll need it)

v  Sensuous Sandwich’s 2 Feet Long Challenge – Orem, Utah and Provo, Utah

  • Price $12.79
    • Challenge: Eat a 24 inches of pure delicious hoagie stuffed with a pound of meat and cheese
    • You only have a half an hour to do it in
      • PRIZE! Succeed and get a special prize T-shirt to wear, Wall of Fame picture and a medium drink at no charge to you anytime you wear the shirt when you go there to eat.

Last but not least, the big bad one of them all, standing undefeated to this day

v  The Lucky 13 Burger Challenge – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Price $34.00
    • Challenge: Must start off by finishing one Big Benny burger which stands a foot high and is made up of 4, 7ozs burgers with delectable bacon ham cheese and onions, sautéed of course
    • After all of that you have to indulge yourself and eat a Lucky 13 Burger, starts off not bad when you hear there’s no buns, but in their place is 2 grilled cheese sammies with 2, 7oz burgers with a spicier than spicy bunch of habanero and jalapenos to top it off with as they kindly give you a side of fries to finish along with it
    • One hour is all you get
      • PRIZE! $500.00 cold hard cash, the cold will be nice after finishing up those peppers, a cool tee to sport around town, and be the first person to have their picture posted on their to this day, picture less Wall of Fame as no one has even come close!

Those are just a handful of food challenges scattered all throughout Utah that await your attempt. Are you going to wind up on a Wall of Fame, or have your picture hung on a Wall of Shame?

2 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Cat For Your Long Awaited Car Trip To Utah

So you want to go to Utah but also want to bring your cat along with you. How is your cat going to react on a trip that’s going to take longer than the regular trip to the vet? To think of it, your cat is a handful even then taking him or her in a cat carrier which they do everything but move heaven and earth to keep from getting into. You’ve been wanting to go to Utah for a long time to see its natural beauty and do some hiking and even skiing. Where else can you have desert in on area, then ski atop a mountain in another area. There aren’t many states that offer that and you can’t leave your cat at home, so what to do to take kitty on this trip with you.

Make the crate as comfy as home

It’s going to be awhile that it has to stay in the carrier as you never want to let your cat roam free in the car as it could cause possible driving hazards. So a good thing to do is to fix up the kitty crate as you would as if they were at home. Doing things like adding their favorite blanket gets their scent in the car which gives kitty the feel of being somewhere familiar. Also put in their favorite toy and a little catnip toy it can chew and drool on when it comes to the realization that he or she is going to be back in there for a while. Keep some treats upfront so you can pop them a goodie inside the crate every now and then to make them feel that they are being good on this trip and even though it’s going to be awhile, their keeper is right there talking and playing music and giving treats, just like at home.

traveling with your cat

Take some time and let the cat explore the car

They might be timid at first and by all means don’t drive with the cat out of the carrier, but take some time and let the cat explore the car. You’ll notice it rubbing on the chairs and seats, and what it’s doing is getting its scent there which you want them to do. This makes it feel like it’s their territory and it’s a safe place for them. Sit in the driver’s seat and talk to the kitty while it checks the car out for a while. When it seems to of gotten comfortable bring the cat back inside the house and do it again sometime before your trip. Don’t forget to have the cat carrier in the car with the gate open while it explores because that is where it’s going to spend all of its time and you want them to wander in on their own and search around too.

Doing these 2 simple things will help make your long awaited trip to Utah a little easier of a ride for both you and your cat. You can also find 8 additional tips on You’ve waited to see the magnificence of the state of Utah and your best friend will be the best company for your ride. With these steps it will be more pleasant for both you!

Utah Tourism Office and Helpful Resources

There’s a lot to do in Utah, and to help tourist decide what they want to see and where they want to stay, the Utah Tourism Office operates a tourist website. To help plan your trip, take a look at it as well as these other helpful links. Operated by the Utah Office of Tourism, this site offers helpful information on Utah’s National and State parks, as well as things to do when you visit Utah. You will also find helpful, downloadable maps and travel information along with information on hotels, Utah history, and the different regions of Utah. It really is a one stop shop for booking your Utah vacation.

Utah Mountain Biking Every rider knows that Utah has some of the country’s best mountain biking trails. This site explores all major and popular trails in Utah. It rates the trails for technical and cardiovascular difficulty and gives insight into the trail terrain. Utah Mountain Biking & Cycling is the biking site run by the Utah Office of Tourism. It provides detailed maps of many of Utah’s favorite biking trails for both road bikes and mountain bikes.

Visit Salt Lake Provides tourist with information on hotels, restaurants and activities in Salt Lake City. It also has an updated list of current events, arts and culture happenings, and things to do when you’re in the city. The website has a trip planner that allows you to book a Salt Lake City hotel right from the site.

The Best Family Vacations This useful Frommer’s list provides information on four of the best activities for a family vacation in Utah. It includes tips like staying at a campground that has all the activities of a theme park to riding on a steam train. Tips for Family Trips offers an A to Z guide of the best places to visit and explore as a family. All of these activities are kid and family friendly.

Moab Adventure Center This site is for someone seeking an adventurous vacation. Book outdoor tours, hot air balloon rides as well as activities like zip lining, canyoneering and climbing, and horseback riding. From this site, you can book daily adventure activities or your entire Moab adventure vacation.

Golf Vacation This site provides year round information on playing golf in Utah and booking a golf vacation to Utah. The sites discusses golf courses in different regions from Salt Lake City to Moab. Whether you want to play golf in the cool breezes of the mountains or the red rock deserts of the south, this site will help you plan your ideal golfing getaway.


Ski and Snow Vacations Who can think of Utah without thinking of skiing and snow? This is the official ski and snow resort site and it is chock-full of useful information and links. From the site, you can explore different resorts and get snow reports for the different regions and resorts. You can also purchase passes and find deals on resorts and other snow activities and book your entire ski vacation from this one site.

Top 5 Places to Live in Utah

Snow sports, water sports, hiking and biking all mixed together with a vibrant art culture and set against a backdrop of breathtaking views. Is it any wonder that Utah cities and regions are often on annual lists of best places to live? As of 2000, Utah’s population has grown 23.8 and as of 2012, the population was 2.7 million. The population growth for this family friendly, outdoorsy state doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. While no place in Utah would be a bad place to live, here are the top 5 places to live in Utah. Take a look, and then maybe call a moving company.

Farmington, UT (Davis County) Farmington5. Farmington, UT (Davis County) Farmington, Utah is about 17 miles from Salt Lake City and as of the 2010 Census, it has a population of around 18,000 people. This family friendly small city is close to the amenities of Salt Lake City. It also provides plenty of access to skiing and other outdoor activities and it has a lively arts and community theatre culture.




Cedar Hills, UT (Utah County) Cedar Hills4. Cedar Hills, UT (Utah County) Cedar Hills, Utah is 15 miles from Provo, Utah and a little over 30 miles from Salt Lake City. As of 2012, the population was just over 10,000 people and more than 45% of Cedar Hill residents have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Cedar Hills is definitely a family community, as a matter of fact, 49% of the population is under the age of 18. There are many town activities that are geared toward kids and family.



Highland, UT (Utah County) Highland City3. Highland, UT (Utah County) Highland City is just under 20 miles from Provo, Utah and 31 miles from Salt Lake City. As of the 2010 census, it has a population of just over 15,000 people. It is a youthful town and the median age is about 22. Highland City is a small, close-knit community that enjoys terrific mountain views and the residents enjoy lots of outdoor recreation. Highland City is close to three large universities and the residents enjoy participating in activities organized by the universities.



Alpine, UT (Utah County) Alpine City2. Alpine, UT (Utah County) Alpine City is nearly 20 miles from Provo, Utah and 30 miles from Salt Lake City. It sits at the base of a mountain range and has a population of just over 9,000 people and more than 50% of Alpine’s population has a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The median resident age is 26 and Alpine residents enjoy a vigorous outdoor lifestyle and take advantage of their close proximity to the mountains.



Fruit Heights, UT (Davis County)1. Fruit Heights, UT (Davis County) Most people would consider Fruit Heights to be the top place to live in Utah because if feels an awful lot like an urban city that has been miniaturized to fit into a friendly, rural setting. Fruit Heights has all the conveniences and amenities you would find in an urban area but with a friendly, and laid back population of just 5,000 people. Fruit Heights is 20 miles from Salt Lake City and 16 miles from Ogden, Utah. From the east side of the town, residents have easy access to hiking trails that lead into the mountains and national park.visit the original source for more details.

Some of these trails provide stunning views of the Great Salt Lake. The town has many small, privately owned businesses like bakeries and bookstores and the High School has a wide selection of A.P. programs.

Searching the Deserts of Utah for Ancient Artifacts

A vacation in Utah doesn’t have to be all about hiking and biking and skiing. Utah is also one the best places in the country to try your hand at treasure hunting. Utah’s canyons, National parks, and deserts are full of treasure from valuable elements to artifacts from Utah’s Wild West history. Searching for ancient artifacts in Utah can be a fun and rewarding vacation for the whole family. Consider visiting one of these Utah desert sites the next time you go treasure hunting.

The Preservation of American Antiquities Act of 1906 forbids the removal of artifacts or ruins of ancient cultures from federal (public) lands. So as you enjoy your treasure hunting vacation, enjoy all the ancient artifacts you discover, but leave them where they are. However, you can find and keep a small number of rocks, crystals, mineral, and invertebrate fossils, so long as they are for your personal use and enjoyment.

Although there are many ways to unearth valuables from the Utah deserts, most treasure hunters use metal detectors as they will pick up valuable elements like Uranium (which can be found in Canyonlands National Park) and gold. As well as detect hard metal artifacts left behind by early civilizations, the Anasazi people, European settlers, or even outlaws. If you are a novice, check out this informative site on metal detectors for more information. Dinosaur National Monument Dinosaur is an ideal place to search for ancient artifacts.

The park has been home to dinosaurs, early civilizations, and outlaws. In the 1800s, European settlers discovered the area and created homesteads near the river. The remains of these homesteads can still be explored, today. The National park is vast so plan to spend several days hunting while you’re here. It offers several campgrounds to choose from. Callao Utah Meteorites can be fun to hunt for as well as being profitable as many universities will pay meteorite hunters for specimens.

If it’s meteorites you’re after and you’re open to a bit of adventure, head over to Callao, Utah and get close to the border of Dugway Proving Grounds (a US Army facility). There is a dry lake bed, called Dugway Proving Grounds dry lake bed, which is supposedly home to meteorite fragments from a 2009 meteorite. If you head up this direction, make sure to stick to the BLM public roads, then take the dirt road to the dry lake bed. Southern Utah The Four Corners part of Utah was home to the Anasazi people and dwellings and artifacts are still being found today.

While much of this area is a State park, it is possible to find Anasazi artifacts outside the park, and it is not uncommon for people to come across arrowheads and other remnants of the Anasazi people.

horseshoe canyon

Gold Hill Utah Gold Hill, Utah is a generally fascinating place. Part mining town, part ghost town and with a few modern residences thrown in just to keep it interesting. There is a still active gold mine in Gold Hill and while you should absolutely not do your treasure seeking there, feel free to take your metal detector around the surrounding areas. The ghost town part of Gold Hill is also a good place to look for remnants left from the first gold miners to settle the area.

Best Places to Travel in Utah with Your Family

The school year is winding down and you have probably turned your thoughts to summer vacation. Amusement parks? Done (multiple times). Grandma’s house? You were just there. Why not head to one of the country’s most naturally beautiful states? Outdoor enthusiast view Utah as a dream come true, and while it is home to several of the country’s most beautiful national parks, Utah also offers much in the way of art and culture. Utah truly has something for every member of your this post for more information and updates.

There is bustling Salt Lake City for your urban-lover, Dinosaur National Monument if you have a paleontologist in training, and beautiful Lake Powell for those who think vacation means kicking back in a lawn chair and watching the day roll by. There are many amazing places to visit in Utah with your family, and here are just a couple. Dinosaur National Monument Dinosaur gets its name from the fossils still embedded in the canyon rocks but this amazing national park has more to offer than just a glimpse of the Jurassic era.

It is rich in history from Petroglyphs left by the earliest civilizations to the old campsites of outlaws who sought refuge from the law deep in the canyon. If you are the adventurous sort, take a thrilling river rafting ride on the Green and Yampa rivers then camp out under the stars near Dinosaur Quarry. Park City This family-friendly resort town offers more than just skiing. Park City offer sporting and recreation opportunities from fly fishing to hot air ballooning and everything you can imagine in between. It is also well known for its arts and culture.

Enjoy a concert under the stars or find your favorite new artist in one of its many galleries. Arches National Park When people think of Utah, they often think of the amazing red rock arches that can be found throughout this national park. Arches offers well marked hiking trails from beginner trails all the way to advance. Stop at the Visitor Center for a trail map and souvenirs. If you enjoy camping, Arches offers some of the most beautiful camping spots in the country. Salt Lake City No visit to Utah would be complete without a stop in vibrant Salt Lake City.

Explore the Olympic stadiums, the museums and gardens, and the city’s world class zoo. Take a stroll around L.D.S Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. Here you will find amazing shops and restaurants, as well as some of the city’s best art and culture institutions. Temple Square has wonderful interactive exhibits that are fun and engaging for the whole family. Lake Powell Finish your Utah family vacation with a relaxing weekend at stunning Lake Powell.

Lake Powell Houseboating

Take an educational boat tour with an expert guide or relax on a dinner cruise under the stars. Lake Powell offers everything from fun water sports to tranquil places to relax. Away from the water, your family can enjoy golf, hiking, horseback riding, and tours of the Glen Canyon Dam.