Night Photography in Utah

Utah has a lot to offer with many beautiful places that can be captured for memories. Not only will you enjoy night life in Utah but you can also take good shots at night that will give you good memories. To make sure that the pictures come out perfectly however, you will need tips on how to take long exposure photographs at night. Some of the tips include:


Night photography will need a long exposure since the ISO that used is big and the speed is slow as the shutter has to stay open for longer to capture more light. The photographer can play with the exposure to come up with the right shot.

You need a tripod

Because the exposures will mainly be long and the shutter speeds will be low, there is need for a tripod to get a crisp and clear picture. Without a tripod the picture is likely to be blurry due to the possibility of a camera shake while taking the picture.

Night Photography in Utah


We all know the effect of lighting on photography. You will have to play around with the aperture and shutter speed as well as the ISO to make sure you get the right exposure. You can then check on all the possible sources of light that you will use in the photography session and choose those you can make good use of. You have to consider how other sources of light such as from moving cars, street lights will have an effect on a photo. Light trails will require a lot of pre visualization to make sure you have great results.

Have stationery objects in your frame

It’s exciting to capture light trails and most photographers would love to capture all the movement of light trails in long exposure photography. It is also good to have static objects in the photo for the sake of relate-ability as much as one would want to achieve an element of creativity with the light trails.

Shutter release remote

This will greatly help in reducing camera shake as a camera shake will make the photo not to be sharp and we need a sharp photo. So it is important to avoid camera shake at all costs and that involves avoiding much contact with the camera while it’s on a tripod.

Do manual mode

The good thing with manual mode is you have a complete control on the photo. At night is especially very important as the sources of light are minimal and to take a good long exposure photo you will also need manual mode. With manual mode, you will have more control on the shutter speed. In shooting in manual mode however it is good to always shoot in RAW and have manual focus for better results.


As much as when the lighting is minimal we are tempted to use a high ISO, a low ISO is always better. Normally a high ISO will result in grainy pictures and thus the picture will not be very crisp. You can play around with the aperture and speed to compensate for the low ISO.


Even though you may have all the tips you need, a good photo is all about creativity. Creativity basically involves playing around with the settings until you achieve the perfect shot.