Moving from Texas to Utah? Prepare Properly

If you are preparing to move from Texas, or any other state, and resettling in Utah, proper preparation is key, especially if you are selling a home along the way.  While many people have moved at some point in their lives, an interstate move with a real estate sale can be complicated.

In order to help your big move proceed more smoothly, make sure you prepare in the following areas before you drive off into the sunset.

Moving from Texas to Utah? Prepare Properly

Understand Deadlines and Deal Breakers

Completing a move successful involves understanding the deadlines that you must meet, as well as if any deal breakers may lead to delays.  For example, if you are moving for a new job, and have a specific start date, that deadline should be a major factor in all other decisions related to the move.  However, if your timeline is less strict, but the sale of your current home prior to the move is critical, understand what arrangement will require flexibility should things progress at any speed other than that which was initially anticipated.

Often, hard deadlines are easier to plan for as the move must take place regardless of the outcome of many other variables.  This can help coordinate larger tasks, such as securing the services of a moving company or a rental truck, the cancelation of any utilities or other home services, as well as when you will be able to coordinate home showings with a real estate agent to facilitate a sale.

When certain actions must be completed prior to other items being fully planned, such as selling a home in order to afford a move, then you may want to take additional steps to help move that step along as quickly as possible.  This can include getting a sellers appraisal, such as those offered through, which can help you determine if any improvements will lead to a quicker sale.

Understand Your Insurance

If you are moving yourself, it is important to understand how your current insurance policies may apply to your possessions while they are in transit.  While items within your personal vehicle often have a level of coverage based on their presence within the space, you will want to confirm if that coverage extends to cover items within a moving truck if you are the operator.

Coverage for items being transported by a moving company may also need to be reviewed.  This can include whether the business has liability insurance for damage occurring due to their negligence, or if the vehicle transporting your items is in an accident.

Work with the Proper Professionals

While it may be tempting to attempt to sell your home on your own, this may be especially complicated when you are also coordinating an interstate move.  For example, private sales require you to personally respond to all inquiries and arrange for showings.  If you no longer live in the area, this can become even more challenging should an issue within the property need to be addressed.

The services of a real estate agent may allow you to focus more fully on your pending move instead of also having to give attention to the intricacies of real estate sales.  Further, it will give you an advocate in cases where things need to be addressed in the property if you are no longer in the area.  While Texas and Utah may not look far away on a map, it is likely a longer drive than you would want to make for every showing or small repair.

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