Moving from Kansas City to Utah? Get Your House Ready to Sell

Planning a move is stressful. You have to make sure that everything is properly packed, make arrangement to transport your household goods and find a new place to live. And, if you are a current homeowner, you might need to get your soon-to-be-former house ready for sale.

If the move is somewhat of a surprise, you might not have time to correct all of the issues you would like to with your current home. When time is of the essence, you have to prioritize your repair tasks to put yourself in the best position to sell quickly. So, if you are trying to sell your current Kansas City home before you head to Utah, here are some important projects to take on.

Moving from Kansas City to Utah? Get Your House Ready to Sell

Clean and Clean Some More

The first step to getting any house ready for sale is to clean until you can’t stand it, then clean some more. A clean home gives the best impression, and dirt and grime can be a real turn-off to potential buyers. Make sure to clean all of the high traffic areas thoroughly, but also address issues in less commonly seen places as well.

When prospective homeowners tour your property, they will look under, over, and in everything they can. That means their eyes may land on places that yours normally don’t. Take the time to be thorough, or higher professionals to help make the job easier to manage. If you spot something particularly troublesome, like mold, then you need to call professionals. Mold removal in Kansas City should be managed by those properly trained and equipped for the job to ensure that everything is cleaned correctly and safely.

Roof, Foundation, Electrical, and Plumbing

Issues in certain key areas within your home can make it difficult for buyers using specific types of loans. For example, a roof or foundation in disrepair may mean certain lenders won’t allow the borrowers to go forward with a purchase no matter how interested they are in the home. Similarly, you want to make sure that all electrical is up to code. Plumbing is another area that can cause problems if it is in need of work, so find a company that can run a camera through your lines and make sure everything is in proper working order.


If everything in your home is in good working order, consider giving the aesthetics an update. Make sure that all of the walls are painted in a neutral color that will work well with current trends. If you aren’t sure what is or is not trendy, speak to your realtor about what is popular in the neighborhood or go with white all around.

You can also update the look of kitchens and bathrooms with simple hardware updates. Changing door knobs and drawer pulls to meet current expectations can be done fairly cheaply, but the update can have a dramatic impact. If the cabinets themselves seem outdated, then see if the material allows them to be painted as well.

If you intend to show the house before you move out, make sure to remove all personal photographs to present the space as a clean slate. Remove (or pack) any clutter in all of the spaces, and make sure that children’s toys are put away prior to every showing.

Showing the house after you have packed eliminates many of these requirements, but having nothing in the space can make it hard to visualize how everything will work. If it is appropriate at your price point, you might want to consider having your home professionally staged. That way you can present each area in its best light and help people understand what it could be like to live there themselves.