iPhone 5C Battery Replacement Kit

Are you moving to Utah and have an iPhone 5C that has a battery problem or battery drain? Worry not, this can be done easily by the iPhone 5c battery replacement kit.  The good news is you have the freedom to put whatever battery you want as long as it is compatible. There are many iPhone dealers in Utah who can replace the battery for you but you can also do it yourself. The following is a guide on how you can replace your iPhone 5c battery in Utah.

iPhone 5C Battery Replacement Kit

Make sure the display is in check

There are cases where you can move to Utah but have a cracked screen or screens that are not stable. It is important to take a measure that will make sure that it does not fall out as replacing the screen is an extra cost. A tape can be used to contain the screen. A tape will also prevent the glass from shattering incase the display is lifted. Safety eye glasses can be used in some cases for example in case of a cracked screen to prevent the pieces from getting into the eye.

Open up the unit

There are several ways that can be used to open the unit. There is the manual method and the iSlack method.

The manual method

In this case, the two 3.8mm sized pentalobe screws that are located next to the lightning connector are unscrewed using the iPhone P2 pentalobe screwdriver. To separate the front panel and the rear case, a suction cup is used.

  • The suction is placed on top of the home button and pressed firmly to the screen
  • To separate the front panel from the rear case, one should hold down the phone and pull the suction cup
  • A plastic opening tool is then used to open the panel and separate it from the display
  • The suction cup is then removed from the display by gently pulling it to remove the vacuum
  • The connectors should then be accessed. This can be done by lifting the end part of the home button the opening the panel and making sure the panel can stay in a 90 degree angle
  • The screws that connect the battery to the board can then be removed. There are two 1.6mm Phillips screws that connect the battery to the board and they can be removed using the Phillips screwdriver.
  • The bracket metal connector is then removed from the phone and set aside together with the screws
  • The battery connecter is then pry up from the logic board using the flat end of the spudger
  • The screws that connect the front panel assembly to the logic board are then removed. They include two 1.3mm screws, one 1.7mm screw, and one 3.25mm screw. They can be removed using the Phillips screw driver
  • The front panel bracket on which the screws have been removed can then be removed
  • The cables of the front camera and the sensor can then be removed using a plastic opening tool. The LCD cable and the digitizer cable can then be disconnected
  • Remove the front panel bracket from the rear case

The iSlack tool can also be used for opening the unit safely. It is especially recommended for anyone who repairs the iPhone 5 range and makes things easy if the repair involves a long process. It makes sure that the iPhone is opened without causing any damage to its parts and cables.  If you are using the iSlack tool:

  • Bring the iSlack handles together to open the jaws of the suction cup
  • The phone is then placed in between the suction cups. The phone should rest on the plastic depth gauge above the home button to be able to open the unit
  • The suction cup should press firm both sides of the display and when this is done, open the handles of the iSlack tool to close the jaws
  • The close the handles which will open up the suction cups which will open the unit by separating the front panel and rear case of the unit.

Remove the original old battery

To remove the old battery:

  • Remove the battery adhesive tab by putting the tip of the spudger between the battery and headphone jack
  • You will then see two white strips of adhesive and in between a black adhesive strip. Cut the black adhesive strip to separate the adhesives
  • Gently pull one of the adhesive strips down the phone
  • When pulling the strips let it slip between the battery and rear case and maintain it at 60 degrees or less when pulling the strips to the corner. Pull the strips until it is free. The same procedure should be repeated with the second adhesive strip.

To Remove the Battery if the adhesive strips were not unfolded:

  • Heat the battery to warm the adhesives. To heat it safely without destroying the battery , follow the iOpener heating instructions
  • Leave it to cool for one and a half minutes before touching it
  • Use a plastic card to separate the battery to the logic board while avoiding touching the logic board
  • Use the card to separate the battery from the phone

Replace the battery and reassemble the phone

Once you have replaced your battery of choice in Utah, the device can be reassembled using the reverse order of the guide. The phone should not however be used until it is fully charged.