How to Become an Interior Decorator in Utah

Interior decorating is one of the most fun and exciting career paths because it is the one type of job that involves shopping, creativity and doing something new and exciting every day.  Interior decorators like Juan Pablo Molyneux who make it big in the decorating industry have terrific lives because they get to move around a lot and they get to transform homes all over.  Following in Juan Pablo Molyneux’s footsteps is bound to earn you a life of excitement when you start your own firm in Utah or simply become an individual interior decorator in Utah.

Get the qualifications for interior decorating

Like any other profession you need the right qualifications to become successful in life.  There are plenty of online institutions, colleges and universities that can provide you with the needed degree but if you want a good reputation then you should try to enroll with a well reputed firm and perhaps also get an architecture degree which will help you expand your services as wide as possible.

How to Become an Interior Decorator in Utah

Decide on your area of expertise

You can become a general interior decorator like Juan Pablo Molyneux who tackles entire mansions, homes and even castles or you can choose to narrow down your field of expertise and focus on kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms only.  It is however much better to have a wide area of expertise when you are practicing in Utah because that will ensure you get as many clients as possible.

Do pro bona work for experience?

Experience is of vital importance to interior decorators.  You can have a full master’s degree in decorating but without some work to show off, people will find it hard to trust in you.  Doing some free pro-bona decorating is a terrific way for you to gain experience.  You can volunteer at municipalities, restaurants, guesthouses or event locations all over Utah to help build your reputation.

Create a profile

A profile is a must for luring in clients and showcasing your work.  You can use all of your pro-bona projects in your profile to show people what you are capable off.  It would be best if you could create a virtual profile online or on a website so anyone anywhere in Utah can check out your work.

Start marketing

Marketing is one of the biggest aspects of interior decorating.  If no one knows of your services, no one can hire you.  A good marketing strategy can help you make a huge success out of your business and should include the following;

Website – A website is great for supplying your contact details and showing off your work.

Radio broadcasting – Radio advertising is terrific for reaching people who don’t have time to spend on the net.

Social media – Social media sites are terrific for sharing your latest works and specials and you can promote your services incredibly affordably since most social media sites are basically free.

Newspapers and magazines – If you can get a journalist to do an article about your work you can notify people of your services and you can get better recognition.

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