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Hiking Adventures in Utah

Utah is an incredible place to live. And, if you are fortunate enough to have moved there, then you probably already appreciate the locales on our list. But, if you are only planning to visit, these are the sites for the best hiking adventures in Utah.

We fully understand that you might be devoted to your time participating in Fraser Valley Hikes. No doubt you have learned a good deal about bear and wildlife safety tips while trekking that terrain. You have had the joy of tremendous views and local wildlife. The good thing is, you can take all that you have learned on these adventures with you while you explore the Utah hiking trails we are about to discuss.

Hiking Adventures in Utah

Hiking Adventures in Utah

Hiking in Utah is Unique

Perhaps you are unaware, but you could literally hike a different trail every week and seemingly never run out of places to explore. Since Utah is home to five incredible national parks, there is certainly a plethora of outdoor things to do. But, not all of the best hiking trails find their homes in these well-known locales. And now, even if you are not a local, you can discover that hiking in Utah is both unique and exhilarating. Here are our favorite trails to traverse:

  • Sulphur Creek- You can explore this incredible red rock canyon as you hike through the river. And, this hike can be modified in ways that will allow you to bring the whole family. Plus, there are three amazing waterfalls! Depending on the route you choose this experience can last between 3 and 8 miles. The shortened version is the best for families. Learn more about what this location has to offer.
  • Kanarra Creek Falls- At under 4 miles, this is a great family experience, so long as your children are of the older variety and like to hike. You will experience the awe of hiking through a narrow slot canyon. And, once you reach its end, you will be amazed by the oasis of majestic waterfalls and colors. If you are lucky, you and your family may encounter a couple of waterslides to cool off in as well.
  • Observation Point– When you reach the summit of this 8 mile, roundtrip, hike you will have the view of Zion Canyon. And, you will be able to look down upon Angel’s Landing. This is a breathtaking experience that will certainly take you to new heights.
  • Zion’s West Rim– We will tell you, from the start, this isn’t a family friendly hike. But, it is absolutely ideal for a beginner backpacker. You have the ability to leave the Zion Canyon, which is typically quite busy, and explore the untouched landscape people call the West Rim. Keep in mind that this is a nearly 15 mile hike. Click this for additional information.
  • Buckskin Gulch– Another hike that is not family friendly, coming in at 21 miles, it is actually listed as one of the most dangerous hikes in America. The slot canyon is generally no more than 10 feet wide. Some say it is the longest slot canyon in all the world. But, being able to say that you have been there, and hiked through it, is worth the claustrophobia you might feel on the journey.

There are so many amazing places to hike while in Utah, that we couldn’t include them all here. But if you’d like a little more advice, this is an excellent resource.