Genius Moving Tips for a Stress Free Trip

Moving around can be tough. It is already hard enough to drag all of your essential items along with you when you go on holiday through Utah but relocating from one home is a nightmare.  Sure, there are some upsides to relocating like the prospect of moving to a new home, the excitement of a new challenge and the opportunity to discard everything you haven’t used in ages but overall, the entire trip is hard work and entails a lot of confusion.  A few genius tips might be just what you need to manage the chaos and ease the entire moving endeavor.

Use a professional transportation company

The easiest and most stress free way of moving is by using a transportation or moving company. Removalists Perth like Emmanuel Transports offer superb moving services.  They can move houses, offices and even offer courier services.  These experts will do everything for you and get your entire home moved while you enjoy some relax time.  When an expert company is handling your moving for you, you really do get to enjoy your new home because all of the hard work is already taken care off.

Genius Moving Tips for a Stress Free Trip

Color code with stickers!

One of the best tips for DIY moving is color coding. When everything is tucked away in boxes, the unpacking process is quite tedious.  Consider the layout of your new home and color code each room.  Pink can be for the girls bedrooms, blue for boys bedrooms, green for the kitchen and so on.  Mark all of your boxes with a sticker so you or the movers will know exactly where to stack each and every box.  You can also add a little footnote onto the boxes to identify what is inside the box.

Sack your hanging garments

Don’t fold all of your clothing because you will have to unpack again soon.  Instead, get a large bag and sack all of your hanging garments and tie the hangers together so they won’t fall out.  You can move your entire wardrobe in a synch this way.

Glad wrap is your best friend

Glad wrap is terrific for keeping lots of loose items together.  You can gladwrap your cutlery inside their bin, glad wrap a bunch of books together for easy moving and glad wrap all jewelry to a cardboard sheet.

Secure glass plates

Stuff paper plates between your glass plates and saucers before glad wrapping them securely together.  This will prevent chipping.

Secure glasses

Use two or three paper bags, stuff a glass in them and push the open edges of the bags into the glass for an instant protective sleeve.

Toilet paper rolls are great for moving day

Toilet paper rolls are great for organizing wires, office supplies or any small items.  Get a box and put a bunch of toilet rolls upwards and fill them up with everything you want to transport.

Washi tape all wires

Washi tape is a great way to color code wires or you can write on the washi tape to identify which wires will go where.