How one can eat for both fun and prizes in Utah, and enjoy a good meal while you’re at it

While your wife goes through her skin care routine she started once she started noticing dark spots on her skin, you prepare for the evening’s main event. Going out to a local restaurant and taking on an eating challenge. She read about skin care at this site and has been wrapped up in it, well, you saw on television that Utah is a hotbed of great food based challenges one can attempt. They give prizes that range from T-shirts, being immortalized with your picture on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame, to the one that got my attention the most… cold, hard cash. Who knew one of your favorite activities, eating, could gain you fame AND fortune. Just like who knew her research online would pay off and the dark spots up and disappeared. She took on a challenge for herself, and now it was time for you to challenge Utah to produce an eating challenge that could only try to take you down but not succeed.

If you’re looking to indulge in some good eating and win a T-shirt, a space on a Wall of Fame and possibly even a handful of cash; here are some of the best, top of the line challenges that can be found throughout Utah.

v  Kobe Sushi’s Hellfire Sushi Challenge – Holladay, Utah


  • Price $19.95
    • Challenge: Eat one Level Heat Base 4, Level Heat Base 5, and then a Level Heat Base 6 on the hot scale spicy tuna roll then:
    • Eat 6 of the beyond hellfire Level Heat Base 7 of their hottest spicy tuna rolls which you already are paying for
      • PRIZE! If you can finish this challenge you’ll be in possession of a claim to your fame T-shirt, immortalization on their Wall of Fame, and even some refreshing ice cream (you’ll need it)

v  Sensuous Sandwich’s 2 Feet Long Challenge – Orem, Utah and Provo, Utah

  • Price $12.79
    • Challenge: Eat a 24 inches of pure delicious hoagie stuffed with a pound of meat and cheese
    • You only have a half an hour to do it in
      • PRIZE! Succeed and get a special prize T-shirt to wear, Wall of Fame picture and a medium drink at no charge to you anytime you wear the shirt when you go there to eat.

Last but not least, the big bad one of them all, standing undefeated to this day

v  The Lucky 13 Burger Challenge – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Price $34.00
    • Challenge: Must start off by finishing one Big Benny burger which stands a foot high and is made up of 4, 7ozs burgers with delectable bacon ham cheese and onions, sautéed of course
    • After all of that you have to indulge yourself and eat a Lucky 13 Burger, starts off not bad when you hear there’s no buns, but in their place is 2 grilled cheese sammies with 2, 7oz burgers with a spicier than spicy bunch of habanero and jalapenos to top it off with as they kindly give you a side of fries to finish along with it
    • One hour is all you get
      • PRIZE! $500.00 cold hard cash, the cold will be nice after finishing up those peppers, a cool tee to sport around town, and be the first person to have their picture posted on their to this day, picture less Wall of Fame as no one has even come close!

Those are just a handful of food challenges scattered all throughout Utah that await your attempt. Are you going to wind up on a Wall of Fame, or have your picture hung on a Wall of Shame?

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