Female celebrities who are not shy of their hairy bodies at all

Most people and especially women feel pretty shy about body hair.  Even in our modern feminist world, body hair is still a big no amongst women and facial hair can be a huge embarrassment.  Stepping out into public with a pair of hairy legs or hairy armpits is absolutely mortifying for most women simply because they don’t feel attractive.  For women with a mustache or facial hair, it becomes a daily challenge to keep hair off their faces just so they can feel accepted into society.  Celebrity figures are also awed for their ability to maintain those smooth and silky bodies and they can maintain these hair free features a lot easier because they have access to laser therapy to keep their bodies hair free.

But luckily it is becoming easier and easier to live a hair free life even if you are not a millionaire celebrity figure.  That is because laser hair removal devices are now available for home use and can give you the same beautiful smooth results as professional laser hair removal.  On http://hairfreeclub.com/best-hair-removal-cream-top-5  you can check out the best laser hair removal devices for home use so you too can enjoy a celebrity lifestyle with smooth skin.

There are also quite a few female celebrities who are not in the least bit shy about their body hair.  In fact, many of the following celebrities use their body hair to make bold feminist statements.

Female celebrities who are not shy of their hairy bodies at all

Female celebrities who are not shy of their hairy bodies at all

Julia Roberts – Julia Roberts occasionally shows off armpit hair and was even seen with a hairy armpit at the 1999 Notting Hill premiere.

Madonna – Madonna is also frequently showing off body hair on her Instagram and can be seen with long armpit hair at plenty of social events. 

Miley Cyrus – This young actress frequently uses her armpit hair to show off her wild side and her lack to care what others think.  She even dies her armpit hair bold colors on special occasions.

Mo’nique – This lady is pretty proud of her leg hair and is even seen at events and awards in a revealing dress and very long leg hair.

Bella Thorne – While Bella isn’t seen wearing long leg hair in public she often shares images of her leg stubble after a lazy shave free streak.

Dakota Johnson – A lot of time usually goes into preparing actresses for their roles in films but it was quite a shocker when Dakota Johnson’s very hairy legs were visible during steamy scenes of the first Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Celine Dion – This infamous singer is sometimes seen with hairy legs and even performed with long leg hair even though she doesn’t have the darkest or most stubbly hair amongst celebrities.

Tyra Banks Tyra Banks hardly ever shaves her legs.  She states that her leg hair is so light it is hardly visible so why shave at all?

Jemima Kirke – She isn’t shy of armpit hair at all and can also be seen at several events with hairy pits.

It is clear that body hair isn’t a train smash to most.  In the end, confidence is all about feeling good about yourself so if you feel better with smooth and silky legs and armpits then there is nothing wrong with getting laser treatments either.