Explore the Rivers of Utah after Your Move

The state of Utah is known for its beautiful scenery, and there is no better way to appreciate it than while rafting down one of the many rivers.  Whether you want to take a trip down the San Juan or Provo Rivers, or take a tour through Desolation Canyon, with the right equipment you can certainly make your dream trip a reality.  Before you get set to cruise downriver, make sure you have the following supplies ready to go.

Explore the Rivers of Utah after Your Move

Get a Seaworthy Vessel

While seaworthy may be a bit overkill, you will want to make sure that you have access to a quality boat, raft, kayak, or canoe.  You can go about this one of two ways.  If you don’t plan to make many outgoings, renting the proper equipment may be sufficient for your needs, but, if you see yourself taking multiple trips, you may be better off buying.

There are a wide variety of traditional options available, as well as some interesting alternative options.  For example, a variety of watercrafts, such as kayaks, can be purchased in inflatable versions.  Not only can these be easier to transport, they can also be an ideal option for those who do not have the storage space for a full-sized craft.  You can find additional information at inflatablekayakreview.com

Don’t Forget Your Paddles

Once you have your watercraft selected, you will need to make sure you have the proper paddles.  While it may seem that all paddles are the same, there are in fact many different versions.  Most notably, there are single-bladed and double-bladed paddles.  Single-bladed paddles are more commonly used on rafts, canoes, and other small boats, while double-bladed paddles are often seen withy kayaks.  That being said, that does not mean you cannot use a double-bladed paddle on anything but a kayak, but you will want to make sure that the overall width of the boat makes a using a double-bladed paddle feasible.

Safety Gear

Regardless of your previous amount of experience, or your ability to swim, it is best to make sure that every person on the river trip has a properly fitted life jacket, especially if you may be contending with rapids.  In fact, in some situations, Utah requires that all passengers wear an appropriate personal floatation device, also referred to as a PFD.  Before you take any river trip, it is important to review any rules or laws regarding the requirement of PFDs so that you can make sure you have the proper equipment on-hand, and that the PFDs are used in the correct way.

Fresh Drinking Water

The temperature in Utah can often get quite high, which can increase a person’s risk of dehydration.  Regardless of the planned length of your trip, it is wise to have a sufficient amount of water for every person who will be on the river trip.  This can help provide a level of protection should an emergency occur and you are unable to complete your trip as planned.

Optional Equipment and Supplies

You may want to bring additional items with you depending on the length of your trip, as well as your overall goals for the trip.  For example, you may want to bring snacks or a lunch if you are going to be out for a large part of the day.  Someone interested in photography may want to bring a waterproof camera in order to capture shots of the passing scenery.

You may think of other items that you would like to bring along, but do make sure they are appropriate for the kind of trip you are taking and that all of the items are permitted in the area you will be in.  Otherwise, enjoy your river trip and get to know your new home state.