Enjoying Utah’s Outdoors

Taking the plunge to leave your previous life and move to Utah has probably offered you a bit of culture shock. No doubt you have wondered what the hype is and why so many people are making the switch. Obviously there was something about the state that attracted you but now that you are there you are wondering what kind of activities you can enjoy. This article will provide you with the tips for enjoying Utah’s outdoors.

The custom log homes you have been perusing might also offer a great reason for sticking around. The rustic feel and the resilience to the elements are great reasons to invest in a log home. Make sure you pick a company that offers you a selection. Your new Utah home should be the one you have always dreamed of. Whether you go for a standard log cabin or one of luxury design, you will certainly be well prepared to explore Utah’s outdoor amenities.

Enjoying Utah’s Outdoors

Outdoor Adventures in Utah

Utah has five national parks, five national forests, 43 state parks, and 22.8 million acres of public land. There are plenty of places to explore. With snowcapped mountains, wild rivers, and redrock canyons we are certain that there is something to pique your interest. Here are some of our specific suggestions:

  • Climbing and bouldering– Rock climbers will find all the challenge they can handle given the variable terrain including granite, redrock, shale, and sandstone. No matter where you are located in the state, there is great climbing available for your enjoyment. Read more to learn the exact destinations.
  • Slot canyons- These are narrow gorges found in the layered sedimentary deposits. Utah might have the largest number of these canyons in the world. The difficulty levels range all the way to licensed participants only. Learn more about these uber cool adventures.
  • River rafting- If you are looking for a whitewater adventure, Utah is the place for you. Some of the flatwater can bring you into quiet canyons. Pack a lunch and make a day of it.
  • Hiking- It might sound like a lame suggestion, but when you are 13,000 feet over sea level and can see dense pine and aspen forests, and alpine lakes, you might think again. Utah offers up thousands of miles of superb hiking trails. And, since 70% of Utah is public land, you are free to roam just about anywhere.
  • Geocaching- It’s caching on. Utah’s GeoTour is geared up to take you through all manner of high-tech scavenger hunting. You will explore natural wonders and sites of profound cultural significance. Click this to learn more.

Just for the Fun of it

You moved to Utah, and might have even purchased a log home. Now you know some of the super cool outdoor things to enjoy in your new locale. However, you might find these fact fragments all the more endearing. Besides, you can probably even shock some of the natives with these interesting Utah trivia tidbits:

  • Half a century before the rest of the country allowed it, women in Utah had the right to vote.
  • A third of the state used to be underwater.
  • The Bonneville Salt Flats allowed a motorcycle to open up and hit 375 mph.
  • Great Salt Lake is infinitely saltier than the ocean.
  • Utah is the nation’s youngest member.

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