Easiest Ways to Save Up Money for Your Big Move to Utah

The first step to moving to a far of destination is usually deciding that you are going to take the plunge.  Next up is the most challenging step where you have to start saving up for the big move.  Moves can be quite expensive.  You may have to buy your entire home’s furniture all over again. You have transportation fees to cover and if you are moving from another country the costs are so much higher.  Luckily there are plenty of ways to earn some extra cash so you can turn your moving dreams into a reality.

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Easiest Ways to Save Up Money for Your Big Move to Utah

Hold a garage sale

If you are planning on moving to Utah then you probably cannot take everything you own along with you.  A garage sale is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some cash and to help you get rid of things that you don’t want or won’t need anymore.  The best part is you don’t have to sit in the street all day to get all of your old stuff sold because you can sell everything you want to sell on your social media site.

Become a handy man

There are plenty of home owners who simply don’t have the time for small home repairs and maintenance around the home.  If you are good with your hands then you should start advertising your part time handyman services which could earn you terrific extra cash for your move.

Give classes

Are you good at playing the piano or violin or do you perhaps have some other rare skill such as painting or sewing?  You could start giving affordable lessons to others during the evenings to help you earn some good extra cash to help fund your big move.

Do some overtime at work

If your work is behind on some admin or if they have long trading hours you can always hear if you could put in a few extra hours a day for a couple of weeks or perhaps even work overtime during weekends.  Companies often pay a lot more for overtime than what you can earn from loose home jobs and online jobs and is a terrific and secure source of income.

Sell arts and crafts

If you have a bit of skill in art and crafts or jewelry making then you can always sell your handmade jewelry or crafts online and on social media to earn some extra cash.  Who knows, if your jewelry or art is good enough you could even transform it into a full business so you can be financially secure when you move to Utah.

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