Best Cities to Move to in Utah

Utah is a nice peaceful state that doesn’t have many urbanized cities. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city like NY or LA then there is no better place than Utah. We have a list of cities within Utah you can move to. However, before we start with those, if you are looking for a more tropical location for yourself and then you can contact Terry McCarthy St. Pete, TJM Properties can help you move to numerous different locations within Florida which is another location that is a lot more peaceful than LA and NY.

Best Cities to Move to in Utah


If you are looking for a reasonable place within Utah that offers numerous different amenities then your hunt starts and ends with Holladay. Not only does the city have a catchy name, the houses are very reasonable priced. It has a number of different attractions for residents and has a very low crime rate also. Making this a wonderful city for those looking to move their family

Washington City

The city was initially settled in by Mormons but has come quite a long way since. It is known to have the best weather and air quality in Utah and has the most amenities you can find in the state. Come summer time, you won’t be scorched by the sun but you will get some heat with temperatures reaching up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Public transportation is readily available and the average commute time in the city is 16 minutes. Which will be a wonderful change for those moving from big cities?


If quality of life is what matters to you the most then Centerville is the city for you. The average home price in the city is about $250,000 while annual income is about $80,000. There is also a low unemployment rate in the city, so if you can find a job and want to improve your quality of life then we recommend you test out Centerville.


Like Centerville, Syracuse is located in Davis County and also ranks high on quality of life. It has a low unemployment rate and barely lags behind Centerville in annual household income. The best part of Syracuse is that there is a low sales tax so you can save quite a lot on that also. Oh and we forgot to mention there is a low crime rate in the city.

When it comes to moving to Utah, you have quite a lot of option. You want to move to a location that has plenty for you and your family to do. When moving from a big city to one of the smaller ones in Utah, it will take a little extra time to adapt. However, Utah’s overall low crime rate, improved quality of life, low sales tax and wonderful scenery should have you and your family adapting to the change in no time. Just don’t expect to go out every night though.