Backpacking Solutions for Traveling Utah as a Large Group

Traveling in groups is the cheapest way to explore the world.  When you travel as a group you usually get great discounts on flights, restaurant meals, holiday destinations, excursions and even on accommodation and you save a heap of money on fuel and other expenses.  Traveling as a group is also a lot safer and gives everyone a chance to relax since there are so many more people to divide the work load of cooking meals and setting up camp.  Traveling as a group is the best way to explore Utah because when you have friends joining in on the fun you get to make a lot more memories and have a lot more fun on the trip.

Rent a minivan

Fuel is expensive and traveling by minivan will ensure that no one get lost or fall behind on your trips.  It also gives those that aren’t driving the chance to enjoy a few drinks along the way and minivan traveling is great for traveling long distances because you can switch drivers regularly.

Backpacking Solutions for Traveling Utah as a Large Group

Consider a big tent instead of a bunch of small ones

Space is a big issue if you are using a minivan, even if you have a trailer.  One big tent will take up far less space than a bunch of small tents and is a great way to keep everyone a lot safer when you are setting up camp in a strange place.  On you can shop the best Tents and Camp Gear that is suitable for large groups of people. You can shop for tents for single individuals, 2-3 individuals, 4-6 individuals, 8-10 friends or even 12 plus people that can all sleep cozily in the same tent.  These tents are high quality tents that can keep the entire family or group of friends completely protected against nature’s elements and wild creatures. If you are looking to get an instant tent, you can read more about them here.

Set a packing limit for everyone

Setting a packing limit for everyone will ensure that you won’t be hauling a lot of unnecessary luggage along for the trip and will give everyone a much better idea as to how much they should be packing.

Do proper meal planning before you go

When you travel as a group you get to relax a lot more, especially if tasks such as meal preparation are divided so each person gets one or two tasks a day or cooking sessions for the entire trip.

Plan your trip adventures ahead

Planning trip adventures ahead will prevent a lot of arguments and will keep everyone from spending out of their budget while they are enjoying their trip to Utah.  Create a long list of excursions and sites that the group can visit and have a big vote on all of the desired visiting destinations.

Invest in minimal but essential camp gear

Camping is a great way to save money on your accommodation but you need to select your camp gear wisely in order to save as much space as possible.  Invest in camping gear that can benefit everyone on the trip and you will be saving a lot of space on double packing of camping gear.