10 Weird and wonderful things you didn’t know about Utah

Utah has some of the most beautiful country in the states and you will fall in love with the place simply by being there and experiencing the small town lifestyle. There are a few things that aren’t really common knowledge about Utah that might just make your move there much more tempting and exciting. This wonderful and thriving town has an interesting history but what happens in Utah on a daily basis might just give you the getaway you have always wanted. Without further a due here are 10 great treasures found in Utah.

10 Weird and wonderful things you didn’t know about Utah

Green Jello

Lime green Jello is a great treat in Utah and is sometimes enjoyed as a main course. I love lime green jello and can’t possibly think of anything better than a plate full to enjoy at dinner time.

Safety rules

If you decide to have a drink at a bar you will notice that your driver’s license gets scanned and kept on file at the local police station. This is a great quality and a practice that keeps the streets safe. If however you find yourself in Los Angeles and California facing criminal charges and in need of protection get a Free Attorney Consultation. Everyone needs protection sometimes and getting legal advice in the first place will help you to stay out of sticky situations on the other side of the law.

Women’s Lib

Utah was way ahead of the times in 1870 by allowing women to vote. This was 50 years before the Congress ratified the 13th Amendment.

Interesting boxing match

Utah is the only place where a boxing match was held at the bottom of a lake. The lake actually dried up in 1935 where to boxers had a match at the bottom. This made way for the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid’s filming in Utah.

Reading rocks in Utah

People in Utah indulge in books and love reading because this state currently holds the highest literacy rate in the country.

Thank Utah for TV

The inventor of Television, Philo T Farnsworth was born there. Must be all that reading that lead to such great innovation. Read more about Philo here.

Western Film Oasis

Most people think that most western films were filmed in Utah. It is however a great unknown fact that the Wild West occurred in Utah because of the fantastic rocky terrain and the absolute western look.

The best snow in the world

It is scientifically proven that the snow in Utah is of the best quality with just the right consistency which explains why skiing is just amazing there. Read more about skiing in Utah.

Taffy kingdom Utah

Salt Lake City offers 70 flavors of taffy and this alone seems to be one of the biggest reasons to make the move, taffy is delicious!

Respect to the Sabbath

Sundays become sacred again because most stores are closed on a Sunday. Be sure to get all necessities on Saturday.