Oct 17

Utah’s Position on Water

When planning to move to another state it is a good idea to learn everything you can about the state you are considering. You will want to know the cost of living, the tax laws, real estate availability, and maybe even the gas prices. However, most people forget that considering an area’s water supply is probably more important than its transit system. So, before you move, please look into Utah’s position on water.

Sure, you could move to Utah and decide that you will just buy a water filter system. However, what if there are deeper issues than just removing the sediment or iron? That is why you should first do a little research on Utah’s current water situation. Water, after all, is essential for life and poor water quality will contribute to significant health challenges for you and your family.

Utah’s Position on Water

The Governor’s Position on Utah’s Water

The Governor’s principles stem from the concept that Utah’s ancestors made the desert bloom and in so doing, they comprehended the value of clean and abundant water for maintaining that growth. Water is Utah’s life and click here to see how these system would work well for Utah. He sees that poor water will discourage tourism, decrease health quality, and provide a negative perception to potential residents and businesses. From that position, he notes that ensuring quantity and quality is critical to the state.

Given his beliefs, Utah’s Governor took the following actions:

  • Issued an executive order– All state agencies were instructed to abide by that executive order which instituted water conservation practices. This was spurred on by an abnormally dry winter and the concern for drought potential.
  • United with legislators– With the help of stakeholders, the legislators and Governor were able to plan for significant water changes by 2025. They intend to see a 25% reduction in water usage. And, they are maintaining the quality and quantity of current sources while working to discover new options.
  • Developing a plan– The plan is designed to expand over the course of 50 years. It will advance conservation practices. And, it will utilize the expertise of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget. They will create strategies to secure funding for long-term water financing. Learn more.
  • WRI– The Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative (WRI) has been a serious focus. He has invested more than $15 million in the initiative since 2005. And, he has been able to round up over $100 million in contributions by partners who share the vision for sustaining Utah’s water sources. Read more.
  • WRI progress– Thanks to the money that the Governor has been able to allocate to the Watershed mission, the health of over one million acres has been restored. This includes almost 450,000 acres of land that was previously devastated by wildfires. Additionally, another 550,000 acres has been revitalized for the purpose of eliminating invasive species, increasing water yields, and improving foraging grounds for native species.
  • Developing policies– The concept is that his policies will ensure that limited water resources are properly utilized, that water quality in lakes, rivers, and streams are carefully monitored and sustained, and critical watershed supplying areas are protected. Most importantly he wants to guarantee that Utah is fiscally prudent and focused on water sustainability.

Given the Governor’s position on Utah’s water resources it makes sense to include this state on your possible relocation agenda. It is obvious that they are well aware of water’s import and are doing what they can to maintain its quantity and quality in their state. Here are some more reasons to move to Utah.

Oct 15

The Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City, Utah

For a lot of us, starting our day with a coffee isn’t just a nice thing to do, but an absolute and complete MUST. While Utah has a lot to offer in terms of coffee spots and cafes, there are some that are just better than the rest. No questions asked, they just are!

Grabbing coffee from one of these cafes at the start of the day is an easy thing to do, but where will you go when you are craving a cup of coffee during office hours? Nowhere! You’ll stay in the office. Thanks to Blue Tiger, who offer fresh, delicious and painless coffee deliveries to offices. From assessing your needs to delivering the roast to restocking your stock to cleaning your coffee machines; they do everything for you. You get the goodness of fresh coffee without having to go anywhere. You’re happy, your boss is happy; what else do you need!? Be sure to pair your cup of coffee with some healthy office snacks.

The Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City, Utah

Meanwhile, check out these awesome coffee cafes around Salt Lake City in Utah.

  1. Higher Ground Coffee

Depicted by Outdoor Research as, “the nexus of ski, bicycle, climb and coffee culture in Salt Lake,” Higher Ground is a comfortable neighborhood cafe that is claimed and worked by nearby climbers and skiers. A full menu of coffee beverages, crisp prepared products, and delicious sandwiches will have you ready to rock and roll for any day outside. They additionally offer an immense choice of energy bars, cool beverages, and different snacks in case you forgot to put together your lunch.

  1. Blue Star Juice and Coffee

With a portion of the best new squeezes in Salt Lake, notwithstanding a full coffeehouse and sandwich menu, Blue Star is found only south of I-80 on 2300 East and has a drive-through for grab-and-go stops. Not just blues Star have awesome food and coffee and a comfortable, dog friendly environment, however inside is Wasatch Bike Support, a full-benefit bicycle shop that handles fast tune-ups and repairs on both street and mountain bicycles.

  1. Silver Bean Coffee

One of the nearest neighborhood coffee stops to the Cottonwood Canyons (the epicenter of four-season diversion in the Wasatch), Silver Bean is strategically placed in Old Mill Plaza, simply off of Big Cottonwood Road in Cottonwood Heights. Claimed by two-time Olympic ski medalist Shannon Bahrke Happe and her better half Matt, Silver Bean cooks the greater part of its own coffee locally, and offers a full food menu of baked goods, sandwiches, soups, and non-coffee drinks.

  1. Coffee Garden

A spot in the 9th and 9th neighborhood, the Coffee Garden is continually humming with experts, artists, and individuals preparing for a day outside. The clamoring, mixed scene is in light of current circumstances, as the Coffee Garden has awesome coffee and baked goods, sweets, and other warm products. In warm climate, the open air seating is awesome for relaxing in one of SLC’s best neighborhoods.

  1. Jack Mormon Coffee

With no WiFi, comfortable seating or foofy drinks, Jack Mormon isn’t your ordinary bistro encounter, however it’s an unquestionable must-go-there stop for any individual who considers coffee intake important. A staple of the Avenues neighborhood only north of downtown, Jack Mormon offers coffee by the pound that is brewed crisp to-request, with more than 60 single-domain coffees browse. What’s more, they also offer a full menu of crisp fermented coffee and tasty coffee drinks and Jack Mormon has nitro cool mix coffee on tap—an immaculate start to a warm summer day of climbing or mountain biking.

Oct 14

Start a Thaw and Chaw Company in Utah

If moving to Utah is a big dream come true for you then it is time to take your dream even further by starting your own company.  It is not every day that you get a chance to start afresh and if you spend your life without giving your own company a try then you will end up living a life of regret.  An own company does not have to be big to be satisfactory.  If you are looking for a unique company that no one else is doing right now then you should try to start a thaw and chaw company that distributes frozen meals that people can simply defrost and enjoy.

Why frozen meals are perfect for big sales

No one has time anymore.  Every working person in our modern life is always in some rush.  It is a rush to get to work. It is a rush to get the job done.  It is a rush to make it to the grocery stores.  It is a rush to get home.  It is a rush to give your family the attention they deserve.  There simply is no time for cooking especially if you are trying to stay healthy as well.  If you can make frozen health meals that can simply be thawed you are sure to get plenty of sales.

Start a Thaw and Chaw Company in Utah

Get a good blender and save time

The tools you use for creating meals will determine whether your business is successful or not. Meal preparation takes a lot of time and time is something you don’t have when you are preparing meals for hundreds of people.  A good quality blender like the Vitamix 6300 is the perfect solution for your taw and chaw company because you can chop and dice all of those veggies and food products in a matter of minutes.  With a blender you can make a surprisingly amount of delicious meals such as soups, dips, mousses, desserts, smoothies and more and you can even use your blender to mix ingredients for baked goods.  Visit https://blenderreviews.us to find out more about the Vitamix 6300 blender as well as other terrific blenders that are currently on the market.

Top frozen meals you can sell

There are so many meal ideas that can be pre made for defrosting.  Soups are one of the best ideas for frozen meals because your clients can simply pop a packet of readymade soup in the microwave and enjoy on the go.  Baked goods such as muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, cinnamon rolls more last terrific in a freezer and they are delicious once thawed.  You can also look into making easy to handle meals such as burrito’s, burgers, quinces, French toast sticks, pasta, lasagna, rice meals and much more.

Remember health regulations

It is important to get the right licensing for food sales and to ensure that the kitchen you use complies by the Utah health regulations and standards.  You should also take great care when creating your frozen meals and ensure that they are in fact good for defrosting so you don’t end up poisoning your clients.

Oct 01

Remodeling Your Home after Your Move to Utah

Before moving in to your new Utah home, you may want to complete any remodeling projects before you fully unpack.  In fact, certain projects will be much easier if you can work in the house while it is mostly empty.  If you are considering a remodeling project, take care of these first.

Flooring and Carpeting

It is much easier to replace the flooring in your new Utah home before there is furniture in the way.  Whether you want to install wall-to-wall carpet, wood, tile, or laminate, the process will go much more smoothly if it is handled early.  You can find options online, such as through theflooringlady.com/laminate_kitchen_flooring, or check options in local home improvement stores.

In some cases, installation is fairly simple, allowing you to complete it by yourself.  For other projects, like wall-to-wall carpeting, it may be best to hire a professional to manage the project.

Bathroom Remodels

If you have the opportunity to complete renovations before moving in, then a bathroom remodel can make a great project.  Completing a bathroom remodel after you move in can be complicated, especially if your home only has one bathroom.  Even in cases where a home has multiple bathrooms, having a family of four try to manage with one bathroom during the remodel can be incredibly inconvenient.

For projects that require the water to be turned off for any period of time, the remodel also limits your use of the kitchen.  If you are pursuing a full remodel, working with a professional can ensure the work is completed as quickly as possible.  For simpler jobs, such as installing a new sink, it may be appropriate to tackle the job yourself.

Remodeling Your Home after Your Move to Utah

Kitchen Remodels

Living in a home without a working kitchen is a challenge.  Instead of moving in to your new home, just to begin an immediate renovation, consider completing the renovation first.  While a fully functional kitchen doesn’t seem as critical as working bathrooms, it is easy to become frustrated with the limited cooking and beverage options.  This can be punctuated by the need to disconnect the water at times.

Additionally, even professional kitchen remodels can take days, if not weeks, depending on the size of the upgrade.  While being without a working kitchen, and having to order takeout, for a few days may be simply frustrating, working around a non-functioning kitchen for weeks on end can grow old.


Instead of having to cover all of your furniture to protect it from new paint, complete your painting projects before your furniture has been moved in.  This can save you time and money, by avoiding the need to obtain covering materials and securing the materials to your belongings.  Additionally, it will give you more room to move, making the entire process simpler.

In fact, if you want to paint the ceiling, before your official move in is the perfect time.  That way, if any paint happens to drip, it won’t land on your furniture.  If you are going to replace your floors too, make sure to finish your ceiling painting projects first.  That way, you don’t have to worry about protecting the floors either.

As you can see, there are a large number of projects that are easier to complete before you move into your new Utah home.  Taking the time to complete them now will make sure your home is in its ideal state, giving you the fresh start you deserve.

Sep 30

10 Weird and wonderful things you didn’t know about Utah

Utah has some of the most beautiful country in the states and you will fall in love with the place simply by being there and experiencing the small town lifestyle. There are a few things that aren’t really common knowledge about Utah that might just make your move there much more tempting and exciting. This wonderful and thriving town has an interesting history but what happens in Utah on a daily basis might just give you the getaway you have always wanted. Without further a due here are 10 great treasures found in Utah.

10 Weird and wonderful things you didn’t know about Utah

Green Jello

Lime green Jello is a great treat in Utah and is sometimes enjoyed as a main course. I love lime green jello and can’t possibly think of anything better than a plate full to enjoy at dinner time.

Safety rules

If you decide to have a drink at a bar you will notice that your driver’s license gets scanned and kept on file at the local police station. This is a great quality and a practice that keeps the streets safe. If however you find yourself in Los Angeles and California facing criminal charges and in need of protection get a Free Attorney Consultation. Everyone needs protection sometimes and getting legal advice in the first place will help you to stay out of sticky situations on the other side of the law.

Women’s Lib

Utah was way ahead of the times in 1870 by allowing women to vote. This was 50 years before the Congress ratified the 13th Amendment.

Interesting boxing match

Utah is the only place where a boxing match was held at the bottom of a lake. The lake actually dried up in 1935 where to boxers had a match at the bottom. This made way for the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid’s filming in Utah.

Reading rocks in Utah

People in Utah indulge in books and love reading because this state currently holds the highest literacy rate in the country.

Thank Utah for TV

The inventor of Television, Philo T Farnsworth was born there. Must be all that reading that lead to such great innovation. Read more about Philo here.

Western Film Oasis

Most people think that most western films were filmed in Utah. It is however a great unknown fact that the Wild West occurred in Utah because of the fantastic rocky terrain and the absolute western look.

The best snow in the world

It is scientifically proven that the snow in Utah is of the best quality with just the right consistency which explains why skiing is just amazing there. Read more about skiing in Utah.

Taffy kingdom Utah

Salt Lake City offers 70 flavors of taffy and this alone seems to be one of the biggest reasons to make the move, taffy is delicious!

Respect to the Sabbath

Sundays become sacred again because most stores are closed on a Sunday. Be sure to get all necessities on Saturday.

Sep 27

Utah’s Sports Teams

Whether you are moving to Utah, or just passing through on vacation, you will be amazed to learn about their sporting attachments. When you think of Utah, chances are you don’t typically consider what sports teams might call Utah home. And, in truth, you probably haven’t heard of the teams that do.

That is ok though, because now you will know something about Utah you never imagined. How about the fact that there are three professional baseball teams in Utah? Or that Utah has its own professional soccer, hockey, football and basketball teams? Let’s learn more now.

Utah’s Sports Teams

Utah’s Professional Sports Teams

Certainly the three professional baseball teams are probably not using the Demarini CF7. But if the players got their starts in Utah, they might be quite familiar with that youth stage bat. Regardless, the fact that Utah has three professional baseball teams is quite interesting. These teams are:

  1. Salt Lake Bees- They play in the Pacific Coast League as a minor league team. They are considered a Triple A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels. Home games happen at Smith’s Ballpark in Salt Lake. It opened in 1994 and the fans call it the Apiary.
  2. Orem Owlz- Also attached to the Angels of Anaheim franchise, the Owlz are a minor league team. Their mascot is a red owl with a baseball shaped head named, Hootz. They play in the Pioneer League. Home games are played at Brent Brown Ballpark. The Owlz won the Pioneer League championships in 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2009.
  3. Ogden Raptors- The Raptors play in the Pioneer League too. Their home games are played at Lindquist Field, which has been named the field with the best view by a baseball writer. This team is attached to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Some famous major league players have been on the Raptors: Prince Fielder, Ben Sheets, Bill Hall, and J.J. Hardy. At one point in their history they were managed by Tommy Lasorda. And, a book has been written about them as well: Minor Players, Major Dreams. Learn more.

When it comes to other sports Utah is not devoid. They have several other sporting teams:

  • Utah Jazz Basketball
  • Real Salt Lake Major League Soccer
  • Salt Lake City Sparta Women’s Premier Soccer
  • Utah Starzz (formerly known as Utah Spiders) Women’s Premier Soccer
  • Ogden Outlaws Premier Development League Soccer
  • Utah Grizzlies Ice Hockey ECHL
  • Utah Argonauts Professional Developmental Football League
  • Utah Blitz Women’s Football Alliance
  • Salt Lake Lions American Ultimate Disc League
  • Real Monarchs United Soccer League
  • Salt Lake City Stars Basketball NBA Development League

They also have six college teams worthy of investigation during your visit:

  1. BYU Cougars
  2. Utah Utes
  3. Utah State Aggies
  4. UVU Wolverines
  5. Weber State Wildcats
  6. Southern Utah Thunderbirds

You can learn more about these teams by clicking here.

Utah is full of great places to see. While you are enjoying the scenery at: Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Lake Powell, Delicate Arch, Zion National Park, Mount Timpanogos, and Valley of the Gods, you can be planning which team to watch play.

Of course, with all the natural beauty available to you on your venture to Utah, your desires for sporting events might be decidedly depleted. However, if you just can’t help yourself, there is no doubt you will be able to see some sort of competitive sport while you are there. Plan accordingly.

Sep 20

Top 5 of the Most Out-of-this-World Honeymoon Getaways

Couples dream of the perfect honeymoon, and throughout the world, there are many places to choose from. Some lovebirds might even search for a location that is not just beautiful but extremely unique. Here are five of the most beautiful and unusual locales for that perfect getaway:

Top 5 of the Most Out-of-this-World Honeymoon Getaways

Woodstock, Vermont

Not only does this beautiful, scenic region boast of winter wonders, it’s also a far cry from your grandparents’ memory of Woodstock during the 60’s.  This charming town is home to cozy and romantic ski resorts, where you can enjoy snowshoeing and snowboarding, along with skiing down the powdery slopes.  During the evening, you can dine at top-notch restaurants that prepare the finest cuisine.  Make sure, though that you plan for the early spring to late fall for prime outdoor winter excursions.

Sapa, Vietnam

If you are looking for an ethnically diverse location without all of the noise of the city, then look no further than Sapa.  This community is home to Bac Ha Market, where respectful haggling is always welcome.  For an unforgettable outdoor adventure, you can visit the Hoang Lien National Park and take in some breath-taking, mountainous scenery. Also, you can hire a guide to take you and your spouse to see the amazing silvery waterfall known as “Heaven’s Gate.”

Bali, Indonesia

You’ll never want to leave this exotic city with its many resorts and bustling activity.  There are many places to choose from for fine dining and shopping.  Plus, this lovely location has many options for land and boat tours, outdoor activities, and nightlife.  The list is endless for your Bali honeymoon!  If you’re looking for a more serene setting to take a break from all the activity, try visiting one the many spas, like the Sundari Day Spa.

Quebec, Canada

If you’re looking for a European feel without the expense of flying clear across the ocean, then look no further than Quebec!  This gorgeous, primarily French-speaking city is at its peak around early spring in late winter, especially if you’re a fan of outdoor activities, such as snowboarding and skiing at Versant Sud.  Likewise, Quebec is also home to casinos where you can try your luck at one of the many game tables or take in a show.

Tanzania, Africa

Are you ready for a wild safari by day and relaxing romantic, relaxing evenings on the terraces of Ngorongoro Crater (created by a volcanic explosion millions of years ago)?  Throughout the country of Tanzania, you’ll find a wide variety of big game mammals; so remember to take your camera with you.  Of course, you can book a safari ride through the Serengeti, the region’s most renowned game reserve.  During the evening, check out the lively bars in Arusha.

So there you have it—5 of the most unusual sites for the most unforgettable honeymoon getaways.

Sep 19

Turn Your Move into a Road Trip Adventure

While you are planning your move to Utah, don’t let the opportunity for adventure pass you buy.  Yes, the ultimate goal is to complete a move in a timely fashion, that doesn’t mean that the journey can’t also be enjoyable and chocked full of good memories.  If you want to take your move into epic road trip territory, consider adding the following elements to get the mood right.

Turn Your Move into a Road Trip Adventure

Pick the Right Tunes

Every road trip needs a good soundtrack.  While what constitutes good music is a personal choice, there is no doubt that having some great options can help.  Consider pulling together a playlist full of songs that you love to drive to, or go with a theme and pick songs that talk about being on the open road.  It isn’t uncommon for some stretches of highway to be a bit lacking in the radio station department, so make sure and plan accordingly.

You will also want to make sure your car stereo system is up to the job.  Consider improving on your current audio by adding the best car subwoofer, amplifier, speakers you can without breaking the bank.

Plan Your Pit Stops

While you may not need to pick the exact place in which to get gas, it can help the trip feel more like an adventure by choosing some points of interest to stop at along the way.  Whether you want to stop at a national park or recognized landmark, or want to find every tourist trap you can along the way, it will help you break up your trip into segments.  It also gives you a reason to stop, get out of the car, and stretch your legs.

Restaurants are also an essentially part of the experience.  While you don’t need to dine out every meal, picking some fun places with local flavor can turn the trip into a culinary journey.  Consider for what each state or city is best known, and try to find a great example of it to try.  If that leaves you coming up empty, consider taking inspiration from great travel television shows that focus on food, such as Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or Man v Food.

Don’t Rush

Even if your main goal is to complete your move, it is important not to rush during the trip.  Not only can feeling rushed make the trip more stressful, you may also miss out on a variety of opportunities that require a level of spontaneity.  Give yourself time to stop at any place you find interesting, or to take a different path instead of always staying on the interstate or highway.

Worst case, you won’t find anything you want to stop and see, and you will make it to your destination ahead of schedule.  You may also be able to manage unexpected delays, such as road work or traffic jams, without the added stress of feeling behind schedule.

Keep It Social

If you are traveling with others, take the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company instead of focusing on your mobile devices or other forms of on the road entertainment.  While it is perfectly fine to work in some quiet time here and there, it is also an excellent opportunity to share an experience that you may never repeat, so consider making the most of the time you get to spend together.

Sep 18

5 Popular Water Adventures in Utah

When you think of Utah, you don’t generally think about water. There’s the Great Salt Lake, without a doubt, however apart from that, Utah is normally connected with its striking desert landscape in the Great Basin and on the Colorado Plateau. Amid the late spring months, it’s one of the driest states in the nation. So in case you’re a water sports fan, you won’t not think about Utah as a suitable travel alternative. While the use of water softeners is very common in Utah, people tend to think there is no use of water in water activities.

5 Popular Water Adventures in Utah

Surprisingly, you are very wrong about this. All that dryness and desert doesn’t change the way that Utah positions among the main ten states as far as water activities are concerned. There are actually several spots to share in the state’s superb watersports society, extending from Lake Powell in the south to Bear Lake up north. Here are a portion of the things you most likely didn’t have any acquaintance with you could do on the water in Utah. Before you do that, check out this in depth article on water softener systems review for your own good!

  1. Jet skiing

Jet skis make for probably the best time you can have off of dry area. Rentals are accessible at and around essentially the greater part of the significant lakes and supplies, for example, Deer Creek, Rockport, Echo, and Pineview.

  1. Whitewater rafting

A portion of the West’s most holy waterways carve a way through Utah, accommodating all levels of whitewater rafting, from Class I to Class V. The huge names are the Colorado, which enters the state at the midpoint of its eastern fringe and runs southwest to in the long run structure Lake Powell; the San Juan (presented above), situated in the southeast corner of the state furthermore flowing into Powell; and the Green, which streams from the upper east of the state to meet the Colorado.

  1. Kayaking

With the Colorado River going through a portion of the nation’s most picturesque scenes — Arches, Canyonlands, Glen Canyon — the most ideal approach to experience it is by canoe or kayak. Moab makes for a decent base camp to arrange an oar trip, with a lot of guided visits and rentals accessible.

  1. Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding has been developing in prominence lately, and the Utah SUP scene is no special case. There are 24 state parks in Utah that offer SUPing as an acitivity, including on the Great Salt Lake (Antelope Island State Park and Great Salt Lake State Marina) and the Caribbean-blue waters of Bear Lake (Bear Lake State Park).

  1. Fishing

With over a 1,000 fishable lakes and a huge amount of streams also, Utah is home to a genuine year-round fisher society. There are 47 Blue Ribbon fisheries in the state, a large number of which are eminent for their fly fishing (look at the Provo and Green Rivers). Whether you’re searching for a speedy day out almost an urban territory, or a more extended trip to more remote waters, Utah has it. Just remember to get a permit before you go.

Sep 11

Business ideas if you are new in Utah

Moving to Utah is a great step for yourself and your family and will provide you with some fresh air, small-town living and some great business opportunities. If you are considering making the great move and wondering what you are going to do there to make money you should know that there is a lot of room for some new and innovative business ideas. In this article we will look at a couple of ideas you can use to make money and to get your new life going in Utah. Read more about the history of Utah.

Baby Proofing Services

There will always be parents looking to make their homes more secure and safe for their little ones. The same will be found In Utah. Start small by offering your services in the local newspapers. This is simply a question of making things around the house more baby-proof for example swimming pools, baby gates in front of staircases and protective outlet covers. This is a lucrative and cost effective way to start a business.

Building inspection services

Get the right certification and training and you could become a successful building inspector. This is a great position for anyone that is looking to work independently and that would like to get more involved in an industry where you can grow and build a reputation.

Business ideas if you are new in Utah

Contractor referral services

This is a simple and independent way to get yourself established in Utah. By doing this you will simply be referring people to contractors. You can easily build a network of clients and contractors to work with which will allow you to team up the right pairs and you charge a fee for this service.

Small trade or manufacturing business

You would obviously also need skill in this position because you will be working with machinery that can cause an accident if not operated carefully and correctly. By taking a look at the Tool Report Tig welder reviews and other great resources online you will find the right tools and machinery for the job. With a welder you can easily start a business by doing odd welding jobs around town.

Debt counseling services

By completing a few certified courses you will be able to provide people with advice on their debts. With economic crisis you will be lending a helping hand to those that are buried in a mountain of debt and that need a helping hand to make their finances work for them again. Read more about debt counseling.

Errand services

This is an easy and convenient way to get self employed fast. In Utah you can establish yourself as an errand person by simply doing errands for people in your vicinity. People don’t always have the time to go make payment on outstanding bills or sort out the little things that might take a lot of time. Offer your services and you will soon see how you build a reputation for yourself and more people will end up using you for errands.

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